Ringo and His All-Starr Band | Terrace Theater | 5/23/23

Article Contributed by L. Paul Mann | Published on Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The term 'living legend' is frequently bandied about in the world of entertainment, often without the merit it deserves. However, if there's one figure in pop music who warrants this epithet, it's undeniably Ringo Starr. The ex-Beatle rolled out the most recent line-up of his All-Starr band at the stunning Terrace Theater, Long Beach Performing Arts Center in Long Beach, California to inaugurate his 2023 tour. This architectural gem of a venue, nestled in downtown Long Beach, houses a little over 3500 spectators.

Ringo & His All-Starr Band | Long Beach, CA

This edition of the band features Steve Lukather from Toto, Colin Hay from Men at Work, Warren Ham, Gregg Bissonette, Hamish Stuart from the Average White Band, and the latest entrant Edgar Winter, who took over keyboard duties from Greg Rolle in the previous tour. The majority of the band has been sharing the stage for a considerable length of time, evolving into a finely tuned musical apparatus. The band's synergy was evident as the evening progressed, with each member harmonizing flawlessly, particularly during extensive jamming sessions.

Ringo Starr | Long Beach, CA

As the night unfurled, Ringo, the eternal youth of rock music, bounded onto the stage with an infectious smile that immediately warmed up the crowd. Despite being in his eighties, the charismatic Ringo continues to awe audiences with his inexhaustible energy. He sang, danced, played drums, and shared his distinctive Beatles-esque Liverpool humor that endeared him to the world all those years ago.

Colin Hay & Gregg Bissonette | Long Beach, CA

Steve Lukather | Long Beach, CA

Riding on a fixed 24-song set list, the show opened aptly with an early Beatles' hit, “Matchbox,” a Carl Perkins cover. Ringo followed this up with one of his most memorable solo hits, “It Don’t Come Easy," and another Beatles classic, “What Goes On."

Edgar Winter | Long Beach, CA

Edgar Winter then took over the reins for his hit song “Free Ride” from the Edgar Winter Group era. Next, Lukather delivered an exquisite rendition of “Rosana," and two other Toto hits, “Africa” and “Hold The Line,” showcasing his prowess on the guitar and powerful lead vocals. It was then Stuart's turn in the spotlight, taking lead vocals on the Average White Band hit “Pick Up The Pieces,” and “Work to Do,” an Isley Brothers cover. His songs accentuated his funky bass lines, while an ensuing jam saw Warren Ham dueling on sax with Edgar Winter.

Ringo Starr | Long Beach, CA

The first part of the set concluded with a delightful trilogy of classics, featuring the early Beatles' hit “Boys,” a reminder of Beatlemania in full swing. Next was "I'm the Greatest,” a John Lennon-penned song from Ringo's 1973 album, a new addition to the setlist. Someone shouted, "You're the greatest," as Ringo introduced the song. Then Ringo replied with a devilish smile, “I am the greatest.” Then a man yelled out, “I love you, Ringo.” Then the impish former Beatle said, “In the old days, young girls would shout out I love you, Ringo,” saying it in a high voice. “Now all I hear is I love you, Ringo,” repeating the phrase in a deep voice, eliciting howling laughter from the audience. That song was followed by a crowd favorite, The Beatle's “Yellow Submarine.”

Ringo Starr | Long Beach, CA

Ringo took a breather during the following musical segment, which spotlighted an extended jam session incorporating the Average White Band’s “Cut The Cake” and a blistering rendition of Edgar Winter’s seminal hit “Frankenstein.” Winter astounded the crowd, alternating between a modified handheld keyboard, saxophone, and percussion, while Bissonette supplied a thunderous drum solo.

Ringo & His All-Starr Band | Long Beach, CA

Ringo returned for the final 12 songs on the setlist, culminating in a communal sing-along to “With a Little Help From My Friends," segueing seamlessly into “Give Peace a Chance,” the band's trademark conclusion. Here's to the enduring magic of Ringo and rock 'n roll - may they live on forever!