Roots of Creation Release Single 'Mammoth' + Kickstarter In Celebration of Upcoming Album

Article Contributed by Press Here Publicity | Published on Sunday, April 4, 2021

Acclaimed reggae-rock group Roots of Creation drops “Mammoth” Today! The new single is the third release from the highly anticipated album Dub Free or Die due out this Spring. Created as an ode to the fans, the new single is an epic RoC jam session with influences ranging from heavy metal, rock, reggae, and even EDM. The song first appeared with Top Shelf Magazine who hailed, ““Mammoth” is dripping with heavy rock vibes, as Roots of Creation sprinkles their signature reggae dub echo and reverb interludes in between. Laden with EDM elements for contrast, “Mammoth” twists and turns in such unexpected ways that it keeps listeners attentive from the first note to the last.”

Listen to the new song here:

The new song comes out on the heels of their Kickstarter campaign funding their 8th full length studio album Dub Free or Die Vol #1. Like many, the road warrior band pivoted in 2020 in light of COVID-19. Brett Wilson, bandleader and guitarist, reflects, “Dramatically shifting from doing over 150 shows a year for more than a decade and hugging each & every one of our fans at the merch table night after night to makeshift live streaming from the basement, going through a divorce, and becoming a remote learning teacher slash principal for my 8 year old, it was jarring.”

During this time the band dove into the new normal by adapting to regular livestreams across all platforms and even performed at live streamed festivals including California Roots, Dazed Between Festival and many more. Taking the lemons we were all handed last year and making some vibey lemonade, Roots of Creation even landed on Pollstar’s “Top 100 Livestreamers Chart for 2020” at an impressive Number 33!

While the pandemic may have thwarted their touring plans, it could NEVER stop RoC from CREATING.

Focusing on music the band also created the new album Dub Free or Die Vol 1. It is their first self-produced album made for the Roots of Creation DIE HARD fans who love that progressive rock and jam meets reggae sound. Brett adds, “the upcoming record Dub Free or Die vol #1 is all about focusing on our instrumental songwriting. It was created for our diehard fans who travel to multiple shows a year, listen to bootlegs, pay attention to setlists and always score the latest merch drops. We are extremely blessed to have our tribe of ‘RoC family’ members to be there to support us through these crazy uncertain times and let us experiment, create and have a blast. These compositions tend to lend themselves to progressive rock, improvisation, soundscapes, rapid genre switches, and Dub Reggae EFX.”

Andrew Riordan RoC sax player and album producer adds, “Personality, this album is very special to me. The band was kind enough to let me produce and take the reins of a lot of the music in this project. It was also the last project I completed in my old studio before I remodeled and gave it an overhaul. There are pieces of gear that I used that are no longer in service; that I think gives the record a certain sound. That also makes this project feel special. I’m really happy and excited for all our fans to hear the record.

The new Kickstarter campaign is full of choice backer rewards, including early access to new RoC music, test pressings of the new album, personalized songs written by RoC, private full-length livestream concerts, and even private backyard concerts! Brett concludes, “It’s 2021. We’re done talking about last year and we’re not gonna let it all happen again THIS YEAR. Roots of Creation spent ages building ourselves up, touring like crazy, all while still making records. We can’t really play shows right now, so this is us saying ‘Hey, we’re going to continue to adapt.’” Check out the Kickstarter here:

Dub Free or Die Vol. 1 will be released publically and digitally later this Spring, with Kickstarter backers getting the new music BEFORE the general public. CD/Vinyl will release shortly thereafter, as vinyl plant timelines seem to shift week to week.