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Visionary of innovative Chinese soundscapes, Saka, is set to release his six-track EP "Monomyth" on Of The Trees' label Memory Palace on July 5th. The Hong Kong native has crafted a collection of tracks that illustrate the hero’s journey, capturing the essence of adventure, triumph in decisive moments, and the transformative character evolution.

"This EP is a musical journey crafted in the timeless pattern of a hero's quest—the "Monomyth". In "Soul Ties, "we witness the tragic demise of our hero, consumed by darkness, he transforms into a version of his former self—a "Ghoul". Yet, through the haunting melodies of "Ifrit" and "Shenlong," he begins his ascent from the darkness, ultimately conquering these two demons. "Ichiban" heralds a moment of pride before the inevitable descent depicted in "Phantasm." Here, our hero awakens to the harsh truth: it was all but a fleeting dream. As the music fades, the hero grasps the fleeting nature of his adventure—a profound revelation within the melody and myth of the EP."

The EP begins with "Soul Ties," which features a house-like breakbeat pattern and is the start of the hero's quest. "Ghoul," a collaboration with Of The Trees, showcases experimental stabs, laser zaps, and mystical forest atmospherics, giving the essence if the peak of the hero's struggle. "Ifrit," inspired by Islamic mythology, illustrates the supernatural with its portrayal of a powerful and malevolent jinn with a sinister choir and ominous bass.

Next, is "Shenlong," a term from Chinese mythology meaning "Divine Dragon" symbolizing strength, protection, and good fortune combined with gritty bass stabs and high-energy wood reverb percussion, marking the hero's ascent from darkness and he conquers this demon. Closing the EP is “Phantasm” which means illusion, where the hero awakens from the fleeting dream and embarks on his new adventure.

In essence, this six-track EP delivers a musical journey crafted in the timeless pattern of a hero's quest—the "Monomyth." This collection not only showcases Saka's innovative blend of electronic bass music and Chinese cultural elements but also creates an experience filled with adventure, struggle, and transformation.

Saka, hailing originally from Hong Kong, is a visionary beatmaker whose music truly defies convention and captures the essence of underground electronic exploration. Inspired by the eclectic tapestry of his hometown and a diverse range of underground electronic influences, Saka weaves a sonic journey that defies expectations. Saka's sound palette is a carefully curated chaos—broken beat patterns, undulating soundscapes, and grotesque basslines merge seamlessly to form captivating compositions. In the left-field electronic space, Saka is carving his own path and turning heads with his innovative approach.

ABOUT Memory Palace
Memory Palace, the brainchild of Of The Trees, emerges as a sanctuary of limitless artistic expression. The label, celebrated for its dedication to genuine artistry, embraces a blend of organic bass, ethereal electronica, and contemplative downtempo. It's a label that encourages exploration and the breaking of musical boundaries.

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