San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers starring Alasdair Fraser Announce 3 Upcoming Shows

Article Contributed by Karin Conn | Published on Wednesday, March 20, 2024

This May, prepare to be whisked away on an unparalleled musical odyssey with The San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers, under the luminous leadership of the legendary Scots fiddler, Alasdair Fraser. This captivating concert series will present an enchanting evening filled with the heart-stirring melodies of the Celtic tradition, brought to life by over 65 virtuosic musicians from the Bay Area. With performances on fiddles, cellos, drums, piano, and more, each concert promises an unforgettable experience that celebrates the rich tapestry of Scottish music.

Performance Schedule:

    May 17th, 7 PM at Veterans Memorial Theatre, Davis
    May 18th, 7 PM at Glaser Center, Santa Rosa
    May 19th, 1 PM at Freight & Salvage, Berkeley

The ensemble, led by the incomparable Alasdair Fraser, will journey through an expansive repertoire that spans the globe—from the rugged highlands of Scotland to the spirited melodies of Brittany, Galicia, Scandinavia, and Cape Breton. Fraser, a renowned figure in Scotland’s fiddle-playing tradition, infuses each performance with his profound musical insight and virtuosic flair, ensuring a show that resonates with audiences of all ages.

Featured Musicians:

    Alasdair Fraser, the guiding star of the ensemble, whose fiddle has enchanted audiences worldwide, from intimate Scottish glens to the grandeur of international film soundtracks.
    Barbara MacDonald Magone, a piano virtuoso whose roots in Cape Breton's rich musical heritage imbue her performances with depth and dynamism.
    Pate Thomson and Judy Thomson, the heart of the Scottish Fiddlers, whose contributions on the fiddle and piano, respectively, anchor the group’s spirited performances.
    Caroline McCaskey, a multi-talented musician whose command of the fiddle, cello, and musical saw has earned her national and international acclaim.
    Renata Bratt, a cellist whose eclectic style bridges classical, jazz, and folk music traditions, enriching the ensemble’s sound.
    Rob Godfrey, whose vocals and fiddle playing bring the poignant beauty of Gaelic songs to life, adding a soulful dimension to the concerts.

About The San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers:

Formed in 1986, The San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers is a vibrant community of musicians dedicated to celebrating and preserving the rich tradition of Scottish music. With a membership of around 200, the group embraces a wide array of musical backgrounds and instruments, creating a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere. The ensemble's repertoire, while deeply rooted in Scottish fiddle music, also explores the musical traditions of other cultures, reflecting the diverse influences that have shaped the Celtic musical landscape.

Ticket Information:

    Veterans Memorial Theatre, Davis: Tickets range from $32-$35; children under 12 free when accompanied by an adult. For tickets, visit
    The Glaser Center, Santa Rosa: Tickets range from $32-$35; children under 12 free when accompanied by an adult. For tickets, visit
    Freight & Salvage, Berkeley: Tickets are $30 in advance, $35 at the door. For tickets, visit

For more information about The San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers and their upcoming concerts, please visit Join us for a celebration of music and community that promises to uplift, inspire, and transport you across the rich landscapes of Celtic tradition.