Santana/Mazer/Luquet: Winter Tour Preview

Article Contributed by Christopher Snyder | Published on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Music is in the ear of the beholder. The beauty of music is that everyone hears it differently. This coming weekend three stellar musicians will be coming together for what will be a very special evening of music. It’s not about popularity for these musicians but 110% about THE MUSIC.

Erik Santana (Hexting)

Justin Mazer (Gatos Blancos)

Alex Luquet (Hezakiah Jones Band/William Travis)

Alex Luquet - photo by Kelly Markowitz

With his long flowing hair, Santana, one of the most sought out guitar players around The Lehigh Valley. Mazer, known for his work with super group Gatos Blancos and many other projects in Scranton (Pennsylvania) and Vermont regions, has a tone like no one else around. Rounding out the trio is Alex Luquet, with his spot-on bass grooves, the virtuosic player, really knows how to listen to his fellow musicians. 

Justin Mazer - photo by Ben Steinert

You will have four opportunities to catch the trifecta this coming weekend in Pennsylvania:

Thursday: (1/16)

Lost Tavern Brewery (Hellertown)

Friday: (1/17)

Kimballs (Williamsport)

Saturday: (1/18)

Backyard Ale House (Scranton)

Sunday: (1/19)

Turkey Hill Brewing (Bloomsburg)