Second Annual American Roots Saturday

Article Contributed by KG Music Press | Published on Monday, August 27, 2018

Magnolia Roads presents the 2nd Annual American Roots Saturday and Backyard Campfire Session at Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge, inspired by the music that grew from the roots of America at honky-tonks and dive bars to backyards and campfires. It will feature artists who epitomize American Roots music through their blend of Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz, and Rock n Roll, flavored with the deep grooves of the South. It’s like a whole week festival in one day with nineteen artists performing on two stages over twelve hours on September 15, 2018.

The nineteen Magnolia Roads family and friends artists who will be featured at American Roots Saturday and Backyard Campfire Session are: Alice Wallace, Allen Thompson, Amelia White, Amilia K Spicer, Ben Sparaco & The New Effect, Chris Wilson, Demi Marriner, Don Gallardo, Elles Bailey, Jeff Crosby & The Refugees, Jeff Mix, Jenny Van West, Lauren Farrah, Mike Younger & Friends, Rich Mahan, Rorey Carroll, The Traveling Ones, Triggers & Slips, and Walter Salas-Humara. Expect to hear lots of new material from their recent or upcoming releases.

The American Roots Saturday will have fifteen artists performing “plugged in” on the main stage inside between 2pm and 2am. The Backyard Campfire Sessions will be unplugged with ten artists performing outside in an intimate setting similar to what you’d experience sitting around a backyard campfire.

American Roots Saturday & Backyard Campfire Sessions

2pm-2am, September 15, 2018

Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge, 102 E. Palestine Ave., Madison, TN 37115 


Alice Wallace (Fullerton, CA)

• American Roots Saturday (Plugged In) 10:20-10:50pm

Allen Thompson (Nashville, TN)

• American Roots Saturday (Plugged In) 2:30-2:55pm

Amelia White (Nashville, TN)

• American Roots Saturday (Plugged In) 5:10-5:45pm

Amilia K. Spicer (Los Angeles, CA)

• American Roots Saturday (Plugged In) 3:40-3:55pm

• Backyard Campfire Session (Unplugged) 5:30-5:55pm

Ben Sparaco and The New Effect (Nashville, TN)

• American Roots Saturday (Plugged In) 12:05-1:45am

Chris Wilson & The Heresy (Indianapolis, IN)

• American Roots Saturday (Plugged In) 5:50-6:10pm

• Backyard Campfire Session (Unplugged) 9-9:25 pm

• Backyard Campfire Session (Unplugged) 10:30-11:00pm

Demi Marriner (UK) 

• Backyard Campfire Session (Unplugged) 8-8:25pm

• Backyard Campfire Session (Unplugged) 10-10:25pm

Don Gallardo (Nashville, TN) 

• American Roots Saturday (Plugged In) 9:15-10:05pm

Elles Bailey (Bristol UK)

• Backyard Campfire Session (Unplugged) 8-8:25pm

• Backyard Campfire Session (Unplugged) 10-10:25pm

Jeff Crosby & The Refugees (Nashville, TN)

• American Roots Saturday (Plugged In) 4:00-4:35pm

Jeff Mix (Las Vegas, NV)

• American Roots Saturday (Plugged In) 4:50-5:05pm

• Backyard Campfire Session (Unplugged) 7-7:25pm

Jenny Van West (Portland, ME)

• American Roots Saturday (Plugged In) 2-2:25pm

• Backyard Campfire Session (Unplugged) 5:5:25pm

Lauren Farrah (Nashville, TN)

• American Roots Saturday (Plugged In) 7:20-8pm

Mike Younger (Nashville, TN)

• American Roots Saturday (Plugged In) 6:25-7:05pm

Rich Mahan (Nashville, TN)

• American Roots Saturday (Plugged In) 11:05-11:50pm

Rorey Carroll (Nashville, TN)

• American Roots Saturday (Plugged In) 8:15-9pm

The Traveling Ones (Nashville, TN)

• Backyard Campfire Session (Unplugged) 7:30-7:55pm

• Backyard Campfire Session (Unplugged) 9:30-9:55pm

Triggers & Slips (Salt Lake City, UT)

• American Roots Saturday (Plugged In) 2-2:25pm

• Backyard Campfire Session (Unplugged) 6-6:25pm

• Backyard Campfire Session (Unplugged) 8:30-8:55

Walter Salas-Humara (Flagstaff, AZ)

• American Roots Saturday (Plugged In) 3:00-3:25pm

• Backyard Campfire Session (Unplugged) 6:30-6:55pm

American Roots Saturday (Plugged In) Schedule:

2-2:25 Jenny Van West

2:30-2:55 Allen Thompson

3:00-3:25 Walter Salas-Humara  

3:40-3:55 Amilia K Spicer

4:00-4:35 Jeff Crosby & The Refugees

4:50-5:05 Jeff Mix

5:10-5:45 Amelia White

5:50-6:10 Chris Wilson & The Heresy

6:25-7:05 Mike Younger & Friends

7:20-8 Lauren Farrah

8:15-9 Rorey Carroll  

9:15-10:05 Don Gallardo

10:20-10:50 Alice Wallace  

11:05-11:50 Rich Mahan

12:05-1:45am Ben Sparaco & The New Effect