Article Contributed by All Eyes Media | Published on Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Independent singer/songwriter JD Clayton will release his debut full length album Long Way From Home on January 27th, 2023. Following the September release of his Side A EP and multiple talked-about appearances at this year’s AmericanaFest in Nashville, the Arkansas native is building a strong foundation that this 10-song offering will continue to solidify. Listen to the moving title track HERE.

Long Way From Home has a simplicity and sincerity running throughout. Clayton’s earnest lyrics and lived-in vocals are delivered with a balance of warmth and resolve, and his timeless sound has an immediate appeal. Within each song Clayton shares intimate details inspired by his upbringing, about the region where he was raised and  looking back on recent life experiences. From the joy of becoming a new father to the  impact the pandemic had on his life and career, Clayton exudes gratitude for what he has and newfound appreciation for what he almost lost. The young songwriter’s perspective shifted over the last few years and with that came a clarity that directed him to the artistic path he needed to be on. Long Way From Home is the result of his journey. Read his BIO for more details.

The heartfelt title track features Clayton lovingly speaking to his mother about the need to chase his dream, regardless of the obstacles. The working-class perspective in  "Different Kind of Simple Life” paints a vivid picture that places the listener inside the story. "Cotton Candy Clouds" exudes classic British influence with a rustic feel, while  “Goldmine” swings with classic country tones and a honky-tonk vibe. Long Way From Home includes the four tracks featured on Side A – the relaxed album opener “Hello, Good Mornin’”, the defiant “American Millionaire”, the roadhouse shuffle “Beauty Queen” and the fiery rocker “Heartaches After Heartbreak”. See full track listing below.

Long Way From Home (pre-add/pre-save) was produced by Thomas Dulin (Drew  Holcomb & The Neighbors) and JD Clayton, and mixed by Craig Alvin (Kacey  Musgraves). In 2018, JD Clayton released his debut EP, Smoke Out The Fire, featuring  the track “Brown Haired Blue Eyed Baby,” which has organically received over 2.2  million streams on Spotify.

JD Clayton - Long Way From Home Track Listing 

“Hello, Good Mornin’”

(JD Clayton)

“American Millionaire” 

(JD Clayton)

“Beauty Queen” 

(Lauren Hungate, JD Clayton)


(JD Clayton)

“Long Way From Home”

(JD Clayton) 

“Heartaches After Heartbreak”

(JD Clayton) 

“Cotton Candy Clouds”

(JD Clayton) 

“Midnight Special”


“Different Kind of Simple Life”

(JD Clayton) 

“Sleepy Night In Nashville”

(JD Clayton)