THE STEEL WOODS premiere "Devil In This Holler," the second single from ON YOUR TIME

Article Contributed by Propeller Publicity | Published on Thursday, July 27, 2023

Today, Southern rock band The Steel Woods are releasing the second single from their fourth studio album, On Your Time, The song, "Devil In This Holler" premieres today at Whiskey Riff and will be available on all streaming services tomorrow HERE. Co-founder, vocalist and guitarist Wes Bayliss shares the inspiration for the song with Whiskey Riff, saying, "it’s ultimately a song about perseverance and how the good always prevails in the long run." He shares the story behind the song with Whiskey Riff below:

"'Devil In This Holler' is one I wrote one night after playing a show deep in the hills of Kentucky where everything had gone wrong since we had gotten there. It seemed as if there was something fighting our every move and did not want the show to go on. In the end, good prevailed, our perseverance paid off, we were able to play the show and then I got a song out of it.

"I guess the message here is: the Devil won’t hinder the ones doing His work. If you feel like something keeps beating you down and making it hard to do what you know is right, let that be the fuel to press on and assurance that you’re on the right path.”

The Steel Woods have captivated audiences with their powerful sound and heartfelt lyrics over their past three albums. With On Your Time, they embark on a poignant and emotional journey loosely following the trajectory of Uncle Lloyd, a charming but dissolute character first introduced on The Woods' debut album, 2017’s Straw in the Wind. This ambitious album not only showcases their musical evolution and episodic storytelling abilities but also serves as a tribute to the vision and legacy of their late co-founder, Jason "Rowdy" Cope, who passed away just before the release of their third album, All of Your Stones. Led by Bayliss, the band's guitarist, lead vocalist and co-founder, The Steel Woods have poured their heart and soul into this album, creating a record that reflects their resilience, growth and unwavering spirit.

On Your Time finds the band back with an album that reveals calm and introspective thoughts as well delivering the gripping country and rock and roll that’s found them lauded by Rolling Stone Country, Whiskey Riff, Saving Country Music and Wide Open Country, among others. The band, who’ve shared stages with Cody Jinks, Cody Johnson and Miranda Lambert and graced festival stages nationwide, are currently on an extensive U.S. tour to support the album (scroll down for complete dates and ticket info).