Steppenwolf “Magic Carpet Ride: The Dunhill / ABC Years (1967-1971)” 4CD Set - Available 11/19

Article Contributed by Glass Onyon PR | Published on Friday, November 5, 2021

Steppenwolf was formed in 1967 in LA by John Kay (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Goldy McJohn (organ, piano) and Jerry Edmonton (drums) who were previously members of the Canadian band The Sparrows. They were joined by Michael Monarch (lead guitar) and Rushton Moreve (bass). The band signed to Dunhill/ABC the same year and with producer Gabriel Mekler they recorded their self-titled debut album. The band were propelled to success with their classic single “Born To Be Wild” (a #2 hit in the USA) and became even wider known when the track was featured, along with their version of “The Pusher” in the classic 1969 counterculture film “Easy Rider”.

“The Second” was released in October ‘68 and featured the hit single “Magic Carpet Ride” (another US #2 hit). In March ‘69 “At Your Birthday Party” was released to further success and was their first record to feature Nick St Nicholas on bass and their last to feature Michael Monarch. The July 1969 release “Early Steppenwolf” featured live recordings made at The Matrix in San Francisco in May 1967 and featured a 20-minute version of “The Pusher”. 

The band’s next studio album, “Monster”, was issued in November 1969 and dealt with America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. 1970 saw the band release two albums, the double LP “Steppenwolf Live” and “Steppenwolf 7”. By the release of the latter the band’s popularity began to wane slightly, although they would retain a large and loyal fan base. Their November 1971 album “For Ladies Only” was their last for Dunhill/ABC and Steppenwolf disbanded in February 1972 only to reform in 1974. 

Disc One: Steppenwolf – Remastered

Released In  January 1968 

1. Sookie Sookie 

2. Everybody’s Next One 

3. Berry Rides Again 

4. Hootchie Kootchie Man 

5. Born To Be Wild 

6. Your Wall’s Too High 

7. Desperation 

8. The Pusher 

9. A Girl I Knew 

10. Take What You Need 

11. The Ostrich 

Bonus Tracks (Mono Single Versions) 

12. Sookie Sookie 

13. Born To Be Wild 

14. Everybody’s Next One 

15. Take What You Need 

16. A Girl I Knew 

17. The Ostrich 

18. The Pusher 

19. Berry Rides Again 

Disc Two: The Second – Remastered

Released In October 1968 

1. Faster Than The Speed Of Life 

2. Tighten Up Your Wig 

3. None Of Your Doing 

4. Spiritual Fantasy 

5. Don’t Step On The Grass Sam 

6. 28 

7. Magic Carpet Ride 

8. Disappointment Number (Unknown)

9. Lost And Found By Trial And Error

10. Hodge, Podge, Strained Through A Leslie

11. Resurrection 

12. Reflections 

Bonus Tracks 

13. Magic Carpet Ride (Mono Single Version)

14. Spiritual Fantasy (Mono Single Version) 

Disc Three: At Your Birthday Party – Remastered 

Released In March 1969 

1. Don’t Cry 

2. Chicken Wolf 

3. Lovely Meter 

4. Round And Down 

5. It’s Never Too Late 

6. Sleeping Dreaming 

7. Jupiter Child 

8. She’ll Be Better 

9. Cat Killer 

10. Rock Me 

11. God Fearing Man 

12. Mango Juice 

13. Happy Birthday 

Bonus Tracks (Mono Single Versions) 

14. Rock Me 

15. Jupiter Child 

16. It’s Never Too Late 

17. Happy Birthday

Disc Four: Early Steppenwolf – Remastered

Released In July 1969 (Live At The Matrix 1967)  

1. Power Play 

2. Howlin’ For My Baby 

3. Goin’ Upstairs 

4. Corina, Corina 

5. Tighten Up Your Wig 

6. The Pusher 

Disc Five: Monster – Remastered 

Released In November 1969  

1. Monster / Suicide / America 

2. Draft Resister 

3. Power Play 

4. Move Over 

5. Fag 

6. What Would You Do (If I Did That To You)

7. From Here To There Eventually

Bonus Tracks 

8. Monster (Single Version) 

9. Move Over (Mono Single Version)

10. Power Play (Mono Single Version) 

Disc Six: Steppenwolf Live – Remastered

Released In April 1970  

1. Sookie Sookie 

2. Don’t Step On The Grass 

3. Tighten Up Your Wig 

4. Monster 

5. Draft Resister 

6. Power Play 

7. Corina, Corina 

8. Twisted 

9. From Here To There Eventually

10. Hey Lawdy Mama 

11. Magic Carpet Ride 

12. The Pusher 

13. Born To Be Wild 

Bonus Tracks (Mono Single Versions)

14. Hey Lawdy Mama 

15. Twisted 

16. Corina, Corina 

Disc Seven: Steppenwolf 7 – Remastered

Released In November 1970  

1. Ball Crusher 

2. Forty Days And Forty Nights 

3. Fat Jack 

4. Renegade 

5. Foggy Mental Breakdown 

6. Snow Blind Friend 

7. Who Needs Ya 

8. Earschplittenloudenboomer 

9. Hippo Stomp 

Bonus Tracks 

10. Screaming Night Hog 

11. Snowblind Friend (Single Version)

12. Hippo Stomp (Single Version)  

Disc Eight: For Ladies Only – Remastered

Released In November 1971  

1. For Ladies Only 

2. I’m Asking 

3. Shackles And Chains 

4. Tenderness 

5. The Night Time’s For You 

6. Jaded Strumpet 

7. Sparkle Eyes 

8. Black Pit 

9. Ride With Me 

10. In Hopes Of A Garden 

Bonus Tracks 

11. For Madmen Only 

12. For Ladies Only (Single Version)