Steven Graves set to release "Captain Soul"

Article Contributed by KG Music Press | Published on Friday, January 6, 2017

Steven Graves has a knack for authenticity.  His insight into the spiritual and emotional condition of being a human being are translated to song in his upcoming new record, Captain Soul.

Without being ‘New Age’ there is a certain new age spiritualism that permeates through most of his compositions creating social awareness and commentary that is unique in today’s Rock and Americana genres.  Graves has worked closely with grassroots organizations helping Native American communities for several years (he was nominated for a Native America Music Award in 2012).   With the help of fan and musical advocate, Dennis McNally (who collaborated with the Grateful Dead for more than thirty years), the band has an ever-growing presence in the Grateful Dead and jam band circles.

Growing up on country music, Graves brings elements of country, folk rock, Gospel and even reggae into his music.  “I love music that’s both rocking and nurturing,” Graves told Grateful Web.  “Any guitarist from Jerry Garcia to David Gilmour or Lyle Lovett.  Usually I prefer music that is less abrasive to the psyche because I want the music to nurture me.”

On Captain Soul, Graves once again brings with him a group of seasoned and veteran musicians.  His core group of musicians consists of David Mendoza (Lydia Pense & Coldblood) on bass; vocalist and drummer David Tucker (Tommy Castro, Maria Mauldar), sax player Armen Boyd (Big Band Beat) Alysha Antonino (Pete Escovido); pianist Jon Dryden (Norah Jones); and pedal steel player  Bruce Wandmayer (Trailer Park Troubadours) plus many other accomplished guest musicians. 
Graves has often seen his songs hit the Americana and jam band music charts and Captain Soul will certainly prove no exception.  The record was written as the band recorded it, so the recording and writing process became interwoven and took on a life of its own.  Graves is also excited that the record was recorded entirely on old school analogue gear giving it that “amazing warmth and fat sound” that only analog can give you!