Summer Camp 2009

Article Contributed by amanda | Published on Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I attended the first year of Summer Camp @ Three Sisters Park-Chillicothe, IL in 2001, but haven’t been back since due to living out of state and making those tough festival choices we all are forced to make! After eight years of my absence, I came back to find a very different experience...but only compared to the first.

Here are the line-ups…just so you can compare to this year’s, giving you somewhat of an idea just how much this, originally, tiny festival has grown.


  • moe.
  • Ekoostik Hookah
  • The Samples
  • JGB featuring Melvin Seals
  • ulu
  • Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
  • The All Rectangle
  • Blue Magoo
  • Indiana Trip Factory
  • Zea Mays
  • Finga Lickin'


  • moe. (3 days)
  • Umphrey's McGee (3 days including two nights of two set shows and an afternoon acoustic set)
  • Willie Nelson
  • Method Man and Redman
  • Keller Williams
  • Les Claypool
  • Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood
  • Girl Talk
  • Gomez
  • Dark Star Orchestra
  • Los Lobos
  • Buckethead
  • Lotus
  • Bassnectar
  • That 1 Guy
  • The Wood Brothers
  • EOTO
  • Cornmeal
  • Junoir Brown
  • Family Groove Company
  • Assembly Of Dust
  • Future Rock
  • Hill Country Revue
  • 56 Hope Road
  • Easy Star All-Stars
  • Backyard Tire Fire
  • Groovatron
  • Moonalice
  • The Macpodz
  • U-Melt
  • Toubab Krewe
  • Madahoochi
  • Panjea
  • Brainchild
  • The Station
  • The Bridge
  • Secret Chiefs 3
  • Public Property
  • Greensky Bluegrass
  • Waterstreet
  • Chicago Farmer
  • The Stretch
  • Alabaster Brown
  • Charley Orlando Band
  • This Must Be The Band
  • Zmick
  • Underpaid Packy
  • Jaik Willis
  • Henhouse Prowlers
  • Steez
  • Shadyside Allstars
  • Yamn
  • Home
  • The Corduroy
  • Billy the Squirrel
  • Docson Hall
  • Hellen Keller Nation
  • Mooseknuckle
  • Five In A Hand
  • Kris Lager Band
  • The Coop
  • Slippy LaRue
  • Thinner Teed
  • Space Suit


Approximately 1,000 people attended the inaugural festival which encompassed only two stages over the course of two days. Since that first year, Summer Camp grew to more than 10,000 attendees, spreading to four stages and four days. What started as a cool little weekend in the woods where you knew just about everyone in attendance…even though some were very six degrees…has become a full-blown festy weekend, though if you get there early enough, you can still enjoy a super-shady camp.

Anyway, enjoy some video as I decompress, dust off, unpack and upload over the next few days. (Oh, and keep in mind that my video skills are still in the works, plus I was often trying to shoot and shoot at the same time. Gotta multi-task eh?)