The Super 20 to Release an Optimistic and Horn-Driven Debut Single "The Good Life"

Article Contributed by Color Red | Published on Wednesday, January 5, 2022

The Super 20 is the curation of longtime New York hornsman, Lee Hamilton, bringing together an all-original cast of roadshow vagabonds. Created by a crew that has recorded, produced or performed with artists such as Sierra Leone’s Refugee Allstars, Chicago Jazz Underground, Joan as Police Woman, Jeff Parker, Debo Band, and Slightly Stoopid, The Super 20 invokes the classic 70’s horn sounds of legendary bands such as Don Drummond & The Skatelites, Rico Rodriguez, The Crusaders, and Fela Kuti. Fusing those influences with modern sounds a la Thievery Corporation & Quantic, The Super 20 stands firm with its own voice that demands to be heard now. The group will release their debut single “The Good Life” via Color Red on Friday, January 7th.

“The Good Life” is an optimistic horn-driven track that evokes inspiration from reggae and afrobeat legends past and present. It summons emotions that are hopeful as well as tense and push forward towards the greater unknown reveling in the journey as a whole. Hamilton cites thePaulo Coelho book ‘The Alchemist’ as inspiration as well. The song channels influence by reggae greats like Rico Rodriguez and Tommy McCook as well curational expertise drawn from modern staples in the circuit like Quantic. It is the perfect introduction of a new project that savors every moment along the way from the beginning to the very end.

Hamilton collaborated with renowned producer and engineer, Craig Welsch (10 ft Ganja Plant) at Rear Window Studio on the group’s debut album ‘Winds of Wareika.’ He wanted to record these ideas in a fashion that wasn’t constrained by the boundaries of genre or being aimed at a particular demographic. Craig was a crucial piece of the puzzle to capture these individual ideas into a form that is palatable and makes you want to listen. The two started collaborating in the early days of John Brown’s Body with Hamilton forming the horn section and Welsh serving as the band’s sound engineer. They share a common idea of what “feels good” about creating music as Welsch is a master of his craft when it comes to putting those feeling to tape.

‘Winds of Wareika’ will be released in spring 2022 on Color Red. For more information and to learn more, visit and