Sweet Crude Celebrate Mardi Gras with Two New Singles/Videos

Article Contributed by Missing Piece Group | Published on Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Today, the New Orleans-based six-piece band Sweet Crude announced Dualité: a new double A-side singles series where the group will release pairs of songs where one is sung in Louisiana French and the other in English. In celebration of Mardi Gras, the band released the first installment today with two brand new songs “La Rêveuse” and “Under New Moons.”

Watch the videos for “La Rêveuse” and “Under New Moons” via YouTube:

 “La Rêveuse” - https://youtu.be/eeC4g0VjI-U

“Under New Moons” - https://youtu.be/u1774nyqal0

“Tours? Nope. Money? Broke. Launch a blitz of bilingual bangers in 2021 because we can? Putain ouais (hell yeah, and pardon our Louisiana French),” explains singer Sam Craft. “Through confinement and a lack of gigs, we’ve steadily built up a loyal Patreon following with whom we’ve been streaming and chatting on a regular basis. They’ve been inspiring us to keep going and to write like crazy. We show them brand new ideas, they give us feedback, and we are now self-producing and self-recording a whole new body of work for approximately zero dollars. Dualité is the result, or really the start, of this new frontier. The first two tracks to kick things off showcase our French and our English sides. We remain dedicated as ever to creating new avenues to celebrate our Louisiana roots.”

“‘La Rêveuse’ (The Dreamer) is an all-French song and carries the premise that we are all living in someone else's dream. In the song, our dreamer is likened to a little kid playing on the beach, building sandcastles and romping around. Unbeknownst to our baby-god, we are actually all denizens of her temporary sand creations and are at the mercy of all her arbitrary whims. It could kinda explain why everything is so dang weird all the time. Not exactly being conspiracy theorists, we wanted the music to have a certain tongue-in-cheek bounce to it, while maintaining the drama of COVID-induced desperation.”

“Meanwhile, ‘Under New Moons’ is a reality check. On a stream one day, our fans offered us the prompt to write a song about self-care during lockdown. We narrowed that idea down to the moments in life when the best self-care is to disengage from that person (place or thing) that provokes all your worst habits. This moody, minor-key bop takes you on a push-and-pull emotional journey.”

Sweet Crude’s Dualité singles are the band’s first release of new music since their critically-acclaimed debut album Officiel//Artificiel that was released last year. The band was featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and praised by NPR Music, who said, “Sweet Crude sports a brightly booming pop sound and Cajun influences 
that extend to its bilingual lyric.” Billboard called the band, “Cajun pop at its best,” while American Songwriter called them “as eccentric as their city.”

Sweet Crude perform livestreams twice weekly on Mondays and most Thursdays. The performances on Monday are for Patreon subscribers only and fans can view the Thursday performances via Facebook and YouTube.