Sweet Crude | Ludlow House | Review

Article Contributed by Shannon Clark | Published on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Louisiana natives Sweet Crude brought their up-beat, drum-heavy pop sound to a quiet corner of Soho on Monday night. The band took the stage at the Ludlow House, a members-only club that the lead singer of the band, Sam Croft, referred to as “a weird freaky place with no signage” – calling out its nondescript exterior and the enticing mystery of the venue.

The band, self-described “Drum Pop Louisianais,” hails from New Orleans, Louisiana, and embraces their home’s French-speaking history.  Sweet Crude’s six members create almost tribal-sounding beats with a hint of Cajun, foot-tapping music, all while combining both French and English lyrics. By incorporating their Louisiana roots into their music, the band aspires to keep the traditional language alive through their art.

Lead singer Sam Croft engaged the audience in laughter and sing-alongs, while co-lead singer Alexis Marceaux stunned the audience with her powerful voice and a smile on her face that showed just how much fun the band has together while performing.

Sweet Crude performed many songs which will be featured on their upcoming debut album, Créatures, set to be released on April 21st. You can pre-order the album today, or stream their single “Isle Dans La Mer” on Spotify today.