Sweetwater Music Hall Presents The Mother Hips for Two-Night Halloween Run

Article Contributed by JP Cutler Media | Published on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Bay Area's own legendary rock band The Mother Hips return with their special annual autumn treat for North Bay audiences with a two-night Halloween run at Sweetwater Music Hall featuring a full-band acoustic show on Wednesday, October 30 and Rock 'n Roll Halloween Bash on Thursday, October 31, 2019. Touring in support of their new studio album, Chorus (Release Date: June 2018), The Mother Hips showcase their latest works alongside music from the band's iconic recording catalog with a no-repeat song set-list over the two nights at Sweetwater Music Hall. 

25 years into a celebrated career is an unlikely time to switch things up, but the "divinely inspired" (Rolling Stone) Mother Hips have never been ones to follow convention. For their brilliant 10th album, Chorus, the California stalwarts turned their recording process on its head in order to make their most essential collection yet. The band laid down elaborate studio demos a full year before official recording sessions began. Fully realizing their music like never before, the result is an exhilarating Mother Hips album marking the beginning of what promises to be their most prolific chapter.  

"Starting with these really fleshed out studio demos was exciting because it meant we could listen back months later with fresh ears," says singer/guitarist/songwriter Tim Bluhm. "We could realize that a song might be more effective if we played it a little faster or sang it a little higher. It was like having a second chance to get everything just right."

That spontaneity has always suited The Mother Hips, a band whose lofty reputation was built on the back of their spellbinding live shows, but by pushing themselves to work in a completely new way on Chorus, they unlocked a slew of artistic rewards.  

Originally signed by Rick Rubin while still just students at Chico State, The Mother Hips have spent two-and-a-half decades at the forefront of a new breed of California rock 'n roll -- one equally informed by the breezy harmonies of The Beach Boys, the funky roots of The Band, and the psychedelic Americana of Buffalo Springfield. The Mother Hips have amassed a rabid fanbase through establishing themselves as "one of the Bay Area's most beloved live outfits" (San Francisco Guardian) with countless headline shows, massive festival appearances, and concerts with everyone from Johnny Cash and Wilco to Lucinda Williams and The Black Crowes. 

The New Yorker lauded the band's ability to "sing it sweet and play it dirty," and their latest recording Chorus is perhaps the finest example of that intoxicating dichotomy, a richly melodic album rooted in gritty rock 'n roll with the kind of evocative storytelling that The Mother Hips do best.

Don't miss the incredible opportunity to see The Mother Hips both acoustically and for an unforgettable Halloween extravaganza at Sweetwater Music Hall! 

Halloween costumes are highly encouraged for the October 31 two-set rock 'n roll show.

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