Ted Lasso's Brendan Hunt Joins Mark Hoppus on After School Radio on Apple Music Hits

Article Contributed by Apple | Published on Thursday, January 13, 2022

This week on After School Radio on Apple Music Hits, Mark Hoppus welcomes Ted Lasso’s Brendan Hunt who discusses portraying Coach Beard, his sports fandom, and a few of his favorite songs. Plus, Mark highlights his Apple Music Get Up! Mix.

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Brendan Hunt on Being a Sports Fan…

I've always been a sports fan but never been an athlete. I would play pickup games of almost any sport as a kid and I tried little league for a little bit, and I was basically resoundingly terrible. I'm a big fan of Peanuts and Charlie Brown and all that, and I kind of blame Charles Schulz for that because Charles Schulz made it look like sports is always supposed to be miserable, and Charlie Brown ... not just getting the football taken away but standing there on the mound by himself with the rain coming down, helpless and alone. I'm like, "Okay, great, that's sports. That's what it's like. Oh, I'm doing that.” So I just stuck with it, but my dad was not around a lot and when he was around, we tended to be either attending a sporting event or watching them on TV, though I can now intellectually see how that is not really a good building block for a relationship, actually. I mean, it's too late. The cement has dried. Here I am, addicted to sports.

Brendan Hunt on Being a Member of Gen X Generation…

Mark Hoppus: You and I are both born in 1972, making us Gen Xers. Why do you think that we get to stay out of the generational warfare that exists between millennials and boomers and Gen Z?

Brendan Hunt: I think it's because whatever our problems are are just clearly justified. I mean, jeez, the dump truck that we were left with emotionally by our faded hippie parents who had such dreams and high hopes and still made documentaries about how great they were. They were the first generation to ever watch documentaries about how great they were, made by themselves, and then they all got divorced and left us at home to fend for ourselves. So, yeah, I think we're squeaky clean, frankly.

Brendan Hunt on Filming Season 3 of Ted Lasso…

We'll start in February. We're supposed to finish in July, so it'll be quite the chunk.

Brendan Hunt on Living in Amsterdam for 5 Years…

So there's a sketch and improv group there called Boom Chicago that was founded by some guys from Chicago and they held auditions at that time only in Chicago, and I'd heard about it. There's a guy who was in my improv group who had left for Amsterdam about two years earlier and not come back, and we weren't super close but it was like, I liked that guy and why is he not coming back? That's interesting. And when I went to the audition, which I kind of did on a lark, really, I was also a year into being separated, having only been married for a year and a half before that, and I was only 25 at that point. And just started to get into therapy for the first time and just realizing a bunch of ... that I was carrying around and not attending to. So, when they called me back and then they offered me the job that I had no intention of taking, it was kind of like, "I've got to do this. I've got to get the ... out of dodge and see what happens." It will always go down as a top three choice of my life, no matter what other choices I make from here.

Brendan Hunt on His First Concert…

I think it was Eric Clapton at Alpine Valley. There was a Crossroads box set tour, so he was playing all the hits. My friend of mine from school, his dad took us. We were in one of those sheds and I'd never been to a show before, so I didn't know what to do, so we sat way, way, way, way in the back, but it was a beautiful night, it was fun to be there, and the opening act was Buckwheat Zydeco.