Article Contributed by Vicious Kid PR | Published on Friday, September 24, 2021

TEOA (The End of America) is a band of friends, more so brothers, that have been releasing music for over a decade. The Philadelphia, Connecticut and New Hampshire based trio consist of band members Trevor Leonard, James Downes and Brendon Thomas. Through their years of being a band and road dogs, they’ve garnered many fans and have become recognized for their live performances, harmonies and songwriting. Most recently gaining attention on Spotify’s Folk Pop editorial playlist for their song “Wait No More”. After their recent release “Push Back”, they are now anticipating their next single drop “Empty Sea (Reprise)” due out on October 22. This track will be their final single release before they deliver their fourth LP Night Is Alive out on November 12, 2021.

"Empty Sea" was originally recorded for TEOA’s 2016 self-titled LP. They wrote it as a gentle anthem for staking everything on what you feel you were born to do, and pursuing it in the face of so much uncertainty. TEOA describes the feeling as, “the higher you climb the mountain, the steeper it gets, all the while howling out across what feels like an empty sea below. You have to maintain faith in yourself and keep pushing to reach the summit. And maybe you can't do it alone. For us, this song has been our anthem for being in a band.”

Over the years, "Empty Sea" has been a staple of TEOA’s live shows and it’s their one song that they’ve always felt a deep connection with their audience. The track has evolved with the band over time and now it’s turned into something greater. They recall from most of their shows there being, “an audible sigh from the audience when we hold and release that last note. The feeling is mutual.” “Empty Sea” the reprised adaptation is just as breathtaking.

It was during the pandemic that TEOA (The End of America) reimagined a version of the song with piano accompaniment and designated the guitar to a secondary role. After performing it over a livestream at Caffe Lena last March, it became clear that they needed to capture this song in its evolved state… and added some cello, too. Inspired by the piano/cello/harmony production on Brandi Carlile’s most recent albums, as well as Chris Walla era production of Death Cab For Cutie’s Transatlanticism & Plans album. The band was fortunately graced by their friend Katie Weissman’s cello arrangement, which can be heard all over their forthcoming album “Night is Alive.” Katie had already performed the song with TEOA live at a few shows, so she came in knowing exactly what to do.

This version of "Empty Sea" was virtually recorded at their home studios in New Hampshire, Philadelphia, and at the time, Bronx -- by way of passing tracks around -- and mixed by Brendon Thomas.

We can’t wait for you to stream “Empty Sea (Reprise)” and their highly anticipated LP Night Is Alive! You can stay updated on all things TEOA (The End of America) online here.

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