Thurston Moore Releases New Single “Rewilding” For Earth Day

Article Contributed by Shore Fire Media | Published on Monday, April 22, 2024

Today, The Daydream Library Series releases “Rewilding” by Thurston Moore to celebrate Earth Day 2024. It’s an introspective and dreamy four minute and twelve second surprise inspired by the United Kingdom’s rewilding movement. “This terrain is changing / Rewilding, rearranging .…” Thurston sings over Deb Googe’s deep bass melody, percussionist Jem Doulton’s coconut drum beats, and Jon Leidecker’s otherworldly synth lines and textures.

Thurston delivers lines that are chilling as he ruminates on the removal of the human hand from nature, “…Don’t stir anything…”. The musician questions what can be accomplished in an era of renewal, a time for friends of the Earth to sleep and realize a natural way by “Coral Morphologically dreaming.” The musician says the rewilding movement aspires to reduce human influence on ecosystems.

In weeks following the release of this single, Sonic fans will also receive the official word on a release date and details of the new album entitled Samurai Walkman: Flow Critical Lucidity, including special guests who appear on the record, as well as cities of the select tour dates.

In 2023, Thurston released two singles: the energetic Isadora Duncan-inspired “Isadora” with a music video starring Sky Ferreira and “Hypnogram,” which the press called “one of the most intensely cerebral cuts Moore has ever released, he blends the more melodic moments of his former band with the layered, heady flourishes of his bassist Deb Googe’s main band, My Bloody Valentine. Emphatically conveying the feeling of dreams, the new material has fans excited for what the American has in store with his next album.”

Thurston Moore has recently returned home to London from North America, where he played a duo with Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones at Knoxville’s Big Ears Festival. Thurston has confirmed only a select number of appearances in 2024, including reading engagements and a carefully curated selection of live concerts with his group currently comprised of Alex Ward on guitars & clarinet, Deb Googe on bass, Jon Leidecker (aka ‘Wobbly’) on electronics and Jem Doulton on drums.