Todd Rundgren Teams Up With Lindstrom & Emil Nikolaisen For New Album

Article Contributed by Pitch Perfect PR | Published on Thursday, February 13, 2014

He's been known as a wizard, a true star, a healer, an individualist and a soul brother. In an unlikely and exciting turn of events, the legendary artist, songwriter, producer and musical visionary Todd Rundgren (65) joins famed Norwegian space disco artist Hans-Peter Lindstrøm and Emil Nikolaisen of the psychedelic rock outfit Serena-Maneesh for a very special project.Smalltown Supersound is proud to announce the summer release of the album, Runddans, and an exclusive festival tour of Europe later this summer. It's a joint venture, credited as Todd Rundgren, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, Emil Nikolaisen.The project came about after Rundgren remixed the track "Quiet Place To Live" off Lindstrøm's experimental album, Six Cups of Rebelin 2011. Rundgren was on top of Lindstrøm's wish list, being a huge admirer of the wildly varied musical output Rundgren has been responsible for since the late sixties. A career that has seen him through the mod pop band The Nazz, progressive rock/pop/etcetera with Utopia, and a breathtaking line of solo albums containing blue-eyed soul, new wave, bossa nova, techno, prog, ambient, disco and pure pop. Rundgren has also worked as a highly successful producer, his magnum opus perhaps being Skylarking by British pop act XTC. Since the early seventies, Rundgren has been a visionary user of new technology, and has always been on the lookout for new concepts in which to present his music. Doing a tired best-of tour has never been his schtick; he has always been on the move, this making him a natural hero for a new generation of musicians and music lovers.Rundgren joined Lindstrom and 4AD recording artist Nikolaisen for some intense days in an Oslo recording studio with a slight sketch but no clear agenda. But from a mutual feeling and a few chord structures, the music mushroomed into a gorgeous and deeply organic piece. The project has evolved since then, with work being done in Rundgren's studio in Hawaii and in Oslo. You can clearly recognize the idiosyncrasies of the three individual musical personalities melting into each other in a truly fascinating way as the piece evolves for 40 minutes. Is it free form disco? Is it psychedelic pop? Is it hi-tech soul? Any casual Rundgren fan knows that there is always more.