Troy Redfern releases "The Calling" single ahead of Headline UK Tour

Article Contributed by Noble PR Consultancy | Published on Saturday, March 2, 2024

Invocation is the title of the highly anticipated new 11-track album from slide guitar virtuoso Troy Redfern. The album, released by RED7 Records on Friday 17th May 2024, is now available in limited edition coloured vinyl, black vinyl, plus two different CD cover artwork designs. All formats are available to pre-order from

The fourth single from the album “The Calling” is released Friday 1 March and is available on Spotify HERE.

Watch the music video for “The Calling” on YouTube at  

The IRSC code for the single is UKHDU1600077.

Says Troy, “‘I’ve always wanted to write a slow motion, epic kind of a tune. The Calling was a song that was born out of that desire. This song is about escaping the technological net we all live in, and to get out into the wilderness to reset and get perspective on what’s important in life.”

Troy has proved time and time again that his cup of inspiration is not only full, but runneth over, writing and release albums at an unprecedented pace and judging by the strength of “The Calling” and the three previous singles “The Strange,” “Getaway” and “The Fever,” the forthcoming album Invocation, promises to be his best yet.

Over the course of last two albums The Fire Cosmic (2021) and Wings of Salvation (2022) Troy found his true voice stylistically in terms of writing and playing, but with Invocation he created a collection of outstanding new songs that carves out his own identity as to who he really is an artist.

Troy head to the west Wales coast with his trusty 1929 National Triolian resonator guitar for a week of solitude in a remote Sheppard’s hut to sketch the initial song ideas for the new album.

“It was important for me to clear my mind of all distractions so I could really focus on what I wanted to write on this album and the direction I wanted to take it in,” says Troy.

With Invocation Troy explores fresh musical territory, from the heavy, bone crushing slide riffs and big sing along choruses on “Van Helsing” and “Getaway” to the evocative, wind-swept western landscapes of “The Native” and “Blind Me.” After three albums in three years Troy continues to expand his musical horizons and keep his creative fire burning.


1 - The Strange (3.36)
2 – Getaway (3.25)
3 – Van Helsing (2.55)
4 – The Calling (4.47)
5 – Native (4.43)
6 - The Fever (3.33)
7 – All Night Long (3.34)
8 – Blind Me (4.16)
9 – Voodoo Priestess (3.25)
10 – Take Me High (3.42)
11 – The Last Stand (3.46)

JUNE 2024

Monday 17 June – The Treehouse, Frome
Tuesday 18 June – Retro, Manchester
Wednesday 19 June – Classic Grand, Glasgow
Thursday 20 June, Bannerman’s Edinburgh
Friday 21 June, The Live Roooms, Chester
Saturday 22 June – Asylum 2, Birmingham
Sunday 23 June – Boiler Room, Guildford
Monday 24 June – The Junction, Cambridge
Sunday 25 June, The Joiners, Southampton
Monday 26 June – New Cross Inn, London
Tuesday 27 June – The Forum, Tunbridge Wells