Turkuaz Dives Deep Into Their Beatles Influence with 12-Song Set of Covers

Article Contributed by Crown Jül PR | Published on Friday, August 28, 2020

After releasing three Beatles covers—"Rain" "Here Comes The Sun" and "You Never Give Me Your Money"—nine-piece funk band Turkuaz has treated fans to the full 12-song performance from their Live From Out There set, which spans a diverse array of the prolific English band's catalogue. 

Watch Turkuaz's full Beatles cover set on YouTube now: youtu.be/1Rmk6qGtuLo

For Turkuaz, playing each of these songs means more than just covering their favorite band—it is an ode to their own artistry and an homage to the band that has played a vital role in their lives and musical careers—and proved to be equal parts challenging and rewarding. 

"I have known all of these tunes for years so it was such a blast really getting to dive in deep with each one," shares vocalist Sammi Garrett, further explaining that exploring specific percussions and harmonies, and paying close attention to each detail allowed the vocalist to acquaint herself with the catalog in new and exciting ways.

Where COVID-19 has brought uncertainty and chaos for musicians, this performance, for bassist Taylor Shell, brings peace and alleviation. He explains, "Learning this music and trying to recreate as much of the nuance as possible is both an education in mastery of writing/recording and a sweet relief in any incredibly hard time."

While Turkuaz may not sound like The Beatles, founder and frontman Dave Brandwein points to the band as his starting place, the origin of his craft. "To share this experience with bandmates in a band so different from The Beatles is a really satisfying, full-circle kind of feeling. I always hope that people hear a little Beatles influence in what we do."

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