Twins Manager Rocco Baldelli Drops Spafford References in Press Conference

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Monday, October 9, 2023

The Minnesota Twins evened up the American League Division Series on Sunday night, with a 6-1 win over defending World Series champions, the Houston Astros.  During the post-game press conference, Twins manager Rocco Baldelli referenced two Spafford songs while fielding questions from reporters.

Baldelli is a self-proclaimed Spafford fan according to his Relix profile, and he often references his favorite jam bands such as Phish, Grateful Dead, and Greensky Bluegrass when answering questions after games.  Baldelli mentioned one of Spafford's singles from 2021, Giants in the Light, when he was asked about the Game 2 standout, Carlos Correra.  Baldelli said "...some guys are "Giants in the Light," and he is one of them,"(2:23).

Baldelli wasn't done yet, as later on in the press conference he made a nod to Spafford song "Backdoor Funk" from their recently released LP, Simple Mysteries.  When Baldelli was asked about the pitching approach for the Twins Game 2 starter, Pablo Lopez, he said with a smile and swoop of his hand, "You're kinda looking for that Backdoor Funk pitch,"(4:12).  Check out both Spafford song drops in the full press conference video below.

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