Tyler Grant, National Flatpicking Champ, Releases Tryin’ To Have A Good Time

Article Contributed by The Regime | Published on Friday, May 20, 2022

National flatpicking champion, Tyler Grant, is pleased to release his first solo album since 2016 and first Telecaster-driven electric solo album. Tryin’ To Have A Good Time is out now on Americana Vibes.

Tyler takes his listener on a six-string joyride through his musical history on this collection of new music. Tyler recalls, “my dad once told me that no matter what the situation, the best thing to do is to try to have a good time.”

A National Flatpicking Champion and renowned guitarist, singer, songwriter, storyteller, producer and educator–Tyler Grant’s adventurous career has spanned the better part of thirty years, and has taken him from sideman to bandleader; and young hotshot to mentor in the Bluegrass, Americana and jamband scenes. His sixth solo release, Tryin’ To Have A Good Time, captures the image of a life-long wanderer staking out musical roots which extend to a canopy of song, inviting the listener into a home long sought after.

In addition to music, Tyler has found a recent knack for the river. Shortly after the shutdown in 2020, Tyler, like many musicians, found himself needing inspiration. “I had been invited to join an experiment in summer 2020, taking a group of musicians down a multi day whitewater trip through the sacred halls of Dinosaur National Monument,” shared Tyler. “I was hooked from day one. I’ve always been an outdoor enthusiast, and this was a whole new adventure. Rafting down those pristine stretches of river, experiencing the thrill of the rapids, the majesty of the canyons, bonding with guests and crew over music and meals at the most remote, beautiful campsites, collaborating with some of my favorite musicians in a pure acoustic setting.”

Tyler’s experiences on the river, along with many on a deep personal level with his family, ultimately shaped the foundation for Tryin’ To Have A Good Time. Fans can tune in tonight on Volume at https://volume.com/t/MVzoHu/ for a livestream of Tyler’s album release party, live from Wibby Brewing.

Tryin’ To Have A Good Time is available now fanlink.to/TG_GoodTime

    Guitars and Trains

    Golden Spike

    Joyful Song

    Stack Them Eights

    Moonlight Eyes

    Calm Down

    Midlife Crisis

    Henry Brown

    Wild Wolves of the Highlands


    Ease Your Mind

For more information, visit www.tylergrant.com or www.americanavibes.com