Vancouver's Blues Band Mud Bay Releases "Love And Forgiveness" From Latest "Best Laid Plans" Album

Article Contributed by Eric Alper | Published on Sunday, December 11, 2022

Eclectic rock and rollers, Mud Bay, land back on the scene with a new laid-back number called “Love and Forgiveness,” the second single from their latest album Best Laid Plans. Their take on a good time brings a wide range of influences to the party—blues, country, Cajun, rock, and soul, they’re all there. Reaching musical parts that other bands cannot reach.

Born in 1978, Mud Bay has been entertaining audiences with their spectacular shows—made up of their version of blues and roots music mixed with just about anything. Hailing as "Saturday night entertainment, any day of the week". The talented five-piece features three main vocalists along with four songwriters which open the scope up for a plethora of musical range, diversity, and creativity. The band consists of Mud Bay Slim (Harold Arnold) on harmonica and vocals, Mark Branscombe on guitar and vocals, Randall T Carpenter playing guitar, steel, and vocals, Dennis Ingvaldson pumping the Bass, and Murphy Farrell taking on the rhythm section with Drums and Percussion.

"Love and Forgiveness" has a blues swing and rhythm that wouldn't be far removed from that Van Morrison sound. With Randall T Carpenter taking lead on this track, "Love and Forgiveness" delivers on storytelling with a rhythmic beat offering the listener a heads up on love and lies in life. Randall T Carpenter delivers a plea to past mistakes in love with the hope of getting absolution as he reflects on chaotic relationships.

“People tell me talk is cheap and I found out that it's true

For every promise that we keep, we break more than just a few”

Thanks to musical guests Jerry Cook and Norm Quinn, Mud Bay brings horns into their original version of blues and bop, adding a classic Blues Brothers sound. With the additional dulcet tones of Pete Sweetzir's Hammond underlining the foundation of Mud Bay’s new single.

The stand-out chorus of "Love and Forgiveness" delivers on that prominent Dennis Ingvaldson walking bass line with Randall T Carpenter following on vocals every step of the way.

“Love and forgiveness, true ties that bind

Are so very hard to find, seem to be in short supply

So we see time after time how the heart deceives the mind”

"Love and Forgiveness" is just one of fourteen original tracks off their new album Best Laid Plans recorded at Afterlife Studios, Vancouver, Canada, produced by the band themselves and Erik Nielsen.