Article Contributed by mike | Published on Thursday, May 11, 2006

There's a lot more to do in Vancouver than sitting around getting stoned, but it's sure nice to know there's some where in North America where an adult can smoke pot in a comfortable, friendly, designated smoke shop.  "Vansterdam," in the northeast part of Vancouver is the closest thing to Amsterdam any where in North America. Though marijuana is not sold there, you can bring in your own stash and smoke up. 

Here's some suggestions if you're visiting Vancouver:

Go bike or walk through Stanley Park:  Stanley Park, Vancouver's first, is an evergreen oasis of 1,000 acres close to the heart of Vancouver's downtown. Its natural west coast atmosphere offering a back drop of majestic cedar, hemlock and fir trees embraces visitors and transports them to an environment rich in tranquility. 

Any point on the perimeter of Stanley Park offers spectacular views. Four points are suited for viewing panoramas of the area. Go check out Hallelujah Point to view Coal Harbour and the downtown. Or visit Brockton Point to view the eastern side of the North Shore and into Burrard Inlet.

The biking in Vancouver, either in the city or just outside of town is as good as gets.  There are three major mountain bike areas on the North Shore: Cypress Mountain, Mt Fromme and Mt Seymour. For a long time the mountain bike trails were kept a secret from outsiders, like myself. However, you can now purchase route maps at local mountain bike shops. They say that many secret trails were intentionally left off the maps, but don't worry; there are more than enough to keep you busy.

Eat some seafood!  There's some of best wild salmon in the world, so make sure you head down to a local seafood place. Grateful Web suggests a new restaurant in 'Yaletown,' called 'Coast'  -  Also, the sushi and Asian food in general is wonderful.