Veteran Singer/Songwriter JEFF LARSON To Release Solo Album ‘Adobe Home’ 4/19; Co-produced with AMERICA’s Gerry Beckley

Article Contributed by SRO | Published on Thursday, February 1, 2024

JEFF LARSON will release his first solo full-length album in a decade—the melodically sparkling and CA-themed ADOBE HOME—April 19 via Nashville-based label Melody Place. Produced by the veteran California singer-songwriter with Gerry Beckley of America, the album will be launched March 8 with the LARSON composition “Something of A Dream.” The 13-track album comes on the heels of IT'LL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, the veteran singer-songwriter’s acclaimed 2023 six-song tribute EP to the late iconic singer and songwriter Tim Hardin.

LARSON wrote eight of the songs on ADOBE HOME: two with legendary songwriter Jack Tempchin (of the Eagles’ “Peaceful Easy Feeling” fame); one with Beckley, and one with Robert Lamm of Chicago. It’s an album with subject matter that touches on people, places, and things with styles ranging from Americana, folk-rock, power pop, and some jazz elements. See the track listing below.

“This project started in 2020 when I just moved to the San Diego area (from the San Francisco Bay area),” says LARSON. “Exploring and learning about my new surroundings influenced several songs, starting with ‘Adobe Home,’ ‘This Summer,’ and ‘Better Part of the Morning.’ I've continued my ongoing collaboration with co-producer and friend, Gerry Beckley,” he adds. “We help each other as sounding boards on the production side, we co-wrote one song, and he plays bass and keyboards throughout the album. I also became friends with Jack Tempchin, who is a neighbor. Along with producing a record for Jack, we co-wrote a couple of songs for this album. I think it captures the time it was written and the emotions I went through.”

Here’s the track listing and songwriting credits for ADOBE HOME:

1. Adobe Home

(Words & Music: Jeff Larson)

2. Something of a Dream

(Words & Music: Jeff Larson)

3. Pretty Soon

(Words & Music: Jeff Larson)

4. Hold Inside

(Words & Music: Gerry Beckley)

5. This Summer

(Words & Music: Jeff Larson)

6. The Name of the Song

(Words & Music: Jeff Larson & Jack Tempchin)

7. She Comes Around

(Words & Music: Jeff Larson & Gerry Beckley)

8. Better Part of the Morning

(Words & Music: Jeff Larson)

9. You Can Fly

(Words & Music: Jeff Larson & Jack Tempchin)

10. Even Though

(Words & Music: Jeff Larson)

11. Week of Rain

(Words & Music: Jeff Larson)

12. A Matter of Time

(Words & Music: Jeff Larson & Robert Lamm)

13. Santa Ana Sunset

(Words & Music: Jeff Larson)


JEFF LARSON is a veteran singer-songwriter from the San Francisco Bay area. Musically, Jeff got his start under the wing of producer Elliot Mazer (Neil Young, The Band) playing in clubs and venues throughout the Bay area. As a native Californian, the influences are obviously present and reach from the golden era of L.A.’s Laurel Canyon singer-songwriter scene to the Bay area’s musical heritage and the tension between the two. While remaining a solo artist, he’s collaborated with Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell of America, Chicago’s Robert Lamm, John Blakeley of The Sandals, and Eagles songwriter Jack Tempchin, among others. His prolific body of work created over the years has been released by various means and labels with licensing opportunities with JVC Victor Japan, Universal / Rhino, BMG and others from The Netherlands to Japan. “Larson’s earnest vocals and unwaveringly engaging folk-rock-country songs have an alluring feel,” wrote the San Jose Mercury News in 2011 about his album The World Over. “Larson’s warm, wonderful songs will grab you immediately and just get better with each subsequent listening. Every one of the 10 numbers here proves to be an individual gem.”