Vincent Neil Emerson Announces New Shooter Jennings’ Produced Album, The Golden Crystal Kingdom

Article Contributed by IVPR | Published on Thursday, September 21, 2023

Lauded by Rodney Crowell to be a songwriter akin to John Prine and Townes Van Zandt, Vincent Neil Emerson is no stranger to work ethic. His life’s journey has been tumultuous, hard-nosed, and the stuff of songs. It all brings the young Choctaw-Apache man’s journey to the announcement of his new Shooter Jennings-produced record, The Golden Crystal Kingdom—out on November 10 via Emerson’s longtime label home La Honda Records and new partner, RCA Records. With The Golden Crystal Kingdom, Emerson expands his sound, tapping into the storied influence of electrified folk legends like Leon Russell and Link Wray. As with his early work, the diamond-sharp storytelling remains Emerson’s focus under the big and explicit aesthetic of rock and roll.

Today, Emerson continues the La Honda Records x RCA Records partnership with his first single, “Little Wolf’s Invincible Yellow Medicine Paint,” a full-throttle meeting of Western comic book influences inside a Neil Young guitar tuning. “The story was, basically, that a medicine man was tasked with motivating warriors to go into battle—they were going up against a bunch of white men with guns, and they knew they were going to die if they went into battle—and he came up with this special paint, this yellow medicine paint, and said, ‘If you wear this into battle, you’ll be invincible. No arrow can pierce you. No bullet can pierce you,’” Emerson remembers. “It’s an old-West-themed song, it’s not a modern-day story for sure,” says the man who proudly embraces his Choctaw-Apache heritage. “These are indigenous stories, whether or not that old West comic was true.”

Additionally, borrowing a specific tuning amidst a period of Neil Young obsession—D Modal for the musicians out there—Emerson crafted his song with more of an overdriven edge than his previous releases. “I wanted to make this song more than just a country song or a singer-songwriter type of song,” he says. “I wanted this to be a rock and roll song. I wanted it to be loud and big. Shooter got the idea right off the bat. He knew exactly what I was thinking.” Emerson’s deft guitar picking in the first verse gives way to a soaring, guitar-driven chorus and the quickened heartbeat of a kick drum, all sinewed by a pulsing acoustic strum.

To accompany “Little Wolf’s Invincible Yellow Medicine Paint,” Emerson enlisted the help of Native American bareback horse race champion, Sharmaine Weed, to star in a music video. An ethereal glimpse into the dedication and training required to become a champion, the music video, directed by on-the-rise visionary Mike Vanata, was filmed in Wyoming near the Wind River reservation. Lacing a fire-lit Emerson with wide, bucolic plains scenery that— against the song’s lyrics— highlights the human bond with horses, director Vanata revised the typical terms of victory associated with gender. All thanks to the performance from Weed, of the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes, who was also the focus of 2021 documentary Pure Grit.

The music video is available today at this link. “Little Wolf’s Invincible Yellow Medicine Paint'' can be streamed or purchased here, and fans can pre-order or pre-save The Golden Crystal Kingdom ahead of its November release right here. Emerson will take the stage tomorrow night at HiCo Hall in Hico, Texas. A full list of tour dates can be found below or at

The Golden Crystal Kingdom Tracklisting:

Time of the Rambler

The Golden Crystal Kingdom

Time of the Cottonwood Trees

I’ll Meet You in Montana

Hang Your Head Down Low


Blackland Prairies

On the Banks of the Old Guadalupe

The Man From Uvalde

Voices (On the Spanish Isle)

Clover on the Hillside

Little Wolf’s Invincible Yellow Medicine Paint

Catch Vincent Neil Emerson On Tour:

SEP 22, 2023 - HiCo Hall - Hico, TX

SEP 23, 2023- Dog & Pony Grill - Boerne, TX

SEP 30, 2023 - Aspencade Festival - Red River, NM

OCT 4, 2023- Cypress - Reno, NV

OCT 5, 2023 - Temblor Brewing Company - Bakersfield, CA

OCT 7, 2023 - Rebels & Renegades Festival - Monterey, CA

OCT 11, 2023 - Mississippi Studios - Portland, OR

OCT 12, 2023 - Volcanic Theatre Pub - Bend, OR

OCT 13, 2023 - Trout Lake Hall - Trout Lake, WA

OCT 14, 2023 - Tractor Tavern - Seattle, WA

OCT 16, 2023 - district bar - Spokane, WA

OCT 18, 2023 - Top Hat Lounge - Missoula, MT

OCT 19, 2023 - The Coop - Columbia Falls, MT

OCT 20, 2023 - The Rialto - Bozeman, MT

OCT 21, 2023 - Mangy Moose Steakhouse and Saloon - Teton Village, WY

OCT 25, 2023 - Aggie Theatre - Fort Collins, CO

OCT 27, 2023 - Globe Hall - Denver, CO

OCT 28, 2023 - Globe Hall - Denver, CO

NOV 1, 2023 - Saturn - Birmingham, AL

NOV 2, 2023 - Exit/In - Nashville, TN

NOV 3, 2023 - Growlers - Memphis, TN

NOV 4, 2023 - Songbirds - Chattanooga, TN

NOV 7, 2023 - The Grey Eagle - Asheville, NC

NOV 9, 2023 - Songbyrd - Washington, DC

NOV 10, 2023 - Elkton Music Hall - Elkton, MD

NOV 11, 2023 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY

NOV 15, 2023 - World Cafe Live - Philadelphia, PA

NOV 16, 2023 - The Southern Café and Music Hall - Charlottesville, VA

NOV 17, 2023 - Motorco Music Hall - Durham, NC

NOV 18, 2023 - New Brookland Tavern - Columbia, SC

NOV 19, 2023 - Charleston Music Hall - Charleston, SC

NOV 21, 2023 - Eddie's Attic - Decatur, GA

DEC 9, 2023 - Antone's Nightclub - Austin, TX