Article Contributed by THE GREENROOM | Published on Friday, August 26, 2022

Powerhouse UMG Nashville duo The War And Treaty open their hearts for a soul-shattering therapy session in “That’s How Love Is Made,” exploring what true partnership means in a romantic stunner today (8/26). Another vocal masterclass from the husband-and-wife duo of Michael Trotter Jr. and Tanya Trotter, the bluesy ballad was co-written by the pair with Dave Barnes and marks the first taste of a highly-anticipated album, produced by Grammy award-winner Dave Cobb. And these days, the eclectic duo are pushing their lyrical envelope with personal storytelling as proven in “That’s How Love Is Made” which is available at all digital retailers here.
Rooted in classic R&B, gospel, Country, and rock, “That’s How Love Is Made” is just the latest taste of The War And Treaty’s unparalleled musicality. As they “blend their past experiences in their music, it’s something intrinsically emotional and universally relatable," (NPR). Fighting off the demons that destroy relationships, the new song once again finds The War And Treaty echoing through centuries of American musical tradition, while adding their own chapter to the story. With two rafter-shaking voices locked in soul-stirring ecstasy, the duo let loose like never before on their upcoming album and capture the raw essence of their renowned live performances.
"I can’t believe the day has come and we finally get to let the world in on the secret that is 'That’s How Love Is Made’ and we hope folks connect to it as much as we have,” Michael said. "My prayer is that so much love is created through this song that eventually hate is drowned out. Let love be as creative as it wants in our friendships, in our business partnerships, in our neighborhood and never put the chains on her...for she is meant to be free."

"My palms are sweaty, my knees are shaking and I’m going crazy all because of the love we put into creating this song,” Tanya added. "Now that it’s being released I’ve moved from tongue clamping to nail biting..needless to say I’m excited."
The War And Treaty alongside director Ed Pryor, created an intimate video in downtown Nashville at Justin Timberlake’s “The Twelve Thirty Club” that captures the essence of the song’s lyrics. Fans can watch the video for “That’s How Love Is Made” here.