Warren Haynes Releases The Lead Single from 'The Benefit Concert Volume 20' - "Gold Dust Woman" with Jim James and Grace Potter

Article Contributed by jbleicher.com | Published on Friday, November 10, 2023

In a harmonious blend of rock and soul, Warren Haynes proudly releases the first single from 'The Benefit Concert Volume 20,' a soul-stirring rendition of Fleetwood Mac's "Gold Dust Woman." Performed alongside My Morning Jacket's Jim James and the enchanting Grace Potter, this track sets the stage for the electrifying live album recorded at the 30th Annual Christmas Jam on December 7th and 8th, 2018 in Asheville, North Carolina. The trio brings a raw, magnetic energy to the classic song, creating a version that resonates with both nostalgia and fresh, fiery passion.
"Gold Dust Woman," with its haunting harmonies and gritty guitar riffs, captures the essence of the historic event—celebrating the joy of live music and the power of collaboration. This release not only pays homage to the legendary roots of the song but also spotlights the chemistry between these acclaimed artists. Each voice melds seamlessly with the others, against the backdrop of Haynes' masterful guitar work, to reinterpret this timeless hit for a new generation of listeners.
The full album, 'The Benefit Concert Volume 20,' due out December 8th via Evil Teen Records/Mascot Label Group, is an anthology of these unforgettable moments. It's a sonic journey through the night's most memorable performances, encapsulating the spirit of giving, community, and music. This collection not only serves as a historical record of one of the most significant musical events in Asheville, but also stands as a beacon of what can be achieved when artists unite for a cause greater than themselves.
This importance is further underscored by the concert's longstanding impact on the local community, having raised over $2.8 million for the Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity. ‘The Benefit Concert Volume 20’ isn't just a celebration of Warren Haynes' three decades of musical gatherings; it's a continuation of a legacy that uplifts, unites, and gives back.

In addition to Haynes, James and Potter, other featured artists on the forthcoming set include Dave Grohl, Eric Church, Joe Bonamassa, Gov’t Mule, Mike Gordon, Marco Benevento, Jamey Johnson, Edwin McCain, Kevn Kinney, Tyler Ramsey, Scott Murawski, and Ron Holloway, along with Machan Taylor, Mini Carlsson, Mike Barnes, and Ray Sisk sitting in with Gov’t Mule. ‘The Benefit Concert Volume 20’ will be available physically on four different double vinyl volumes (in different colors: purple, orange, blue, red), 2-CD + DVD set, and 3-CD + 2 Blu-ray set, along with a digital-only format. Bundles are also available now to pre-order.

Starting in December of 1988, Warren Haynes launched what would become a cherished tradition in his hometown of Asheville, North Carolina. Despite its name, the "Christmas Jam" was less about festive tunes and more about gathering local musicians to celebrate the holidays and give back to the community. Over 30 years later, this humble event transformed into a nationally recognized spectacle, raising over $2.8 million for Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity and the construction of over 50 homes in the region. Reflecting on its growth, Haynes notes, “As an Ashevillean, it's heartening to see the progress Asheville has witnessed over these three decades. In many ways, Christmas Jam mirrors this city's vibrant spirit."
‘The Benefit Concert Volume 20’ stands out not only as a testament to three decades of musical celebrations, but also the enduring spirit of Christmas Jams. Throughout the years, it's the impromptu collaborations (often times between artists and musicians meeting backstage or on stage), the unwavering commitment of all participants, and the unity in music that truly define this legacy.
“Although Christmas Jam, the main event, is traditionally a one-night event, there have been three occasions where we felt the need to make it two nights — the 20th, 25th, and 30th Anniversaries, each of which featured extraordinary line-ups,” Haynes adds. “The performances being represented in this package are culled from the 30th Anniversary in 2018, which was in itself a milestone for ‘the Jam.’ However, its importance is amplified by the fact that the next year we would take a well-deserved break with every intention of resuming business as usual in 2020, not knowing that 2020 would bring about the COVID-19 pandemic which affected not just the music business, but the entire world. Thankfully, we were able to bring it back in 2022 with a stellar lineup and will continue on this year with another memorable event. It feels great to be back.”
Warren Haynes is a cornerstone of the American music landscape, lauded as one of the most formidable guitarists and vocalists of our time. His prolific career includes his tenure with the Allman Brothers Band and The Dead and as a founding member of Gov’t Mule. Produced by Haynes and executive produced by Stefani Scamardo, 'The Benefit Concert Volume 20' shines a light on the enduring appeal of live music and the camaraderie it fosters.
Christmas Jam returns for the 32nd annual event on December 9th, 2023. Visit www.xmasjam.com for ticketing details and to purchase.