watch Laura Lee of Khruangbin play with Hermanos Gutierrez for the guitar duo's 2 sold out Brooklyn Steel encores

Article Contributed by Shore Fire Media | Published on Tuesday, May 21, 2024

This weekend, guitar duo Hermanos Gutierrez performed two sold out nights at Brooklyn Steel, bringing their hypnotic melodies to over 3,000 New Yorkers. Having just wrapped a tour with fellow mood musicians Khruangbin in April, bassist Laura Lee joined the brothers for the last song of their set, "El Mar", watch here.

If you weren't already aware, on June 14, Hermanos Gutierrez will release Sonido Cósmico (which translates to “cosmic sound”) via Easy Eye Sound. Meant to lift the listener away from the desert landscapes of 2022’s breakout El Bueno Y El Malo -- which Rolling Stone said “shimmers with hallucinogenic energy” and NPR celebrated with a Tiny Desk performance and by naming the LP one of the Top Latin Albums of that year --- Sonido Cosmico finds solace in the stars and the unknowable expansiveness of our limitless world.

Turning to more extraterrestrial inspirations, the brothers broadening their rhythmic palette with strokes of cumbia and salsa on the moonlit “Cumbia Lunar,” explore the eerier sides of outer space on the haunting “Low Sun”, and add subtle touches of strings to the more Dune-inspired title track, “Sonido Cósmico”.

Watch their new “gorgeous, blissed out” set for World Cafe to get a taste of new music, or listen to their most recent single “Until We Meet Again”, a warm moment of connection on an otherwise otherworldly record: