WhiteWater Ramble Releases Gun Control Trio of Videos

Article Contributed by Blooming Footprint | Published on Friday, April 5, 2019

Today, Colorado’s WhiteWater Ramble unleashed a trio of new songs with accompanying music videos that make a poignant statement about current societal issues, together entitled “A Band Widow’s Lament.” Premiering via Denver Westword, the series that has been unveiled in reverse order is finally complete with the reveal of part 1, “It Don’t Matter.” Produced by NoCoast Artists and featuring award-winning actors, “A Band Widow’s Lament” is WhiteWater Ramble’s first of many statements from their forthcoming album.

In December of 2018, WhiteWater Ramble released their first single in six years with the first of many videos produced by NoCoast Artists. “Hollow,” featuring Chris Pandolfi of The Infamous Stringdusters, was the dramatic conclusion to this impending series, and while that wasn’t fully known to the viewer yet, the tragic ending and message was quite clear. “Kentucky Windage” followed shortly thereafter, the 2nd part of the series that started to bring these heartbreaking characters to life, and now, the band and producers are proud to present “It Don’t Matter,” featuring vocalists Jessica Jones and Adam Lufkin, the first part of the story and the final tie that binds “A Band Widow’s Lament.” This indie short story, which was awarded Best Music Video at the Indie Short Film Fest in April 2019, spans the tumultuous relationship of a touring musician and his homebound wife, touching upon domestic and gun violence issues prevalent in so many conversations today. Written by WhiteWater Ramble’s Patrick Sites, he had production help from Producers Tomas Herrera and Doug Usher. They were also responsible for direction and cinematography respectively. Darren Mahuron headed photography on the shoot. Todd Divel of Silo Sounds recorded the music, and Todd Loomis of Noise Radiation Studios mastered.

“I wrote Kentucky Windage in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting while trying to wrap my own thoughts around yet another terrible gun tragedy,” says writer, vocalist and mandolin player Patrick Sites. “It was a tall task and new approach having written the song, then moving into the producer role knowing it would all be tied together with a video storyboard. Working with the talented filmmakers at NoCoast Artists, creative collaborations with Tomas Herrera and Doug Usher, we were able to conceive and complete the vision of the true meaning of the song and social message behind its creation. In addition to letting the work stand on its own, I also envisioned the larger story of ‘The Band Widow’s Lament.’”

After a private screening last night at The Lyric in Fort Collins, “A Band Widow’s Lament” is now available to stream on all platforms. In order of appearance, the cast of this dramatic vingnent is Josh Phillips, Teal Jandrain, Joe Buckner, Traci Stickler, Quinn Solley, Isla Solley, Bradley Harris, Tim Massa, Tony Hendrickson, Kiernan Angley, Christian Nevola, and of course, WhiteWater Ramble themselves, Ryan Sapp, Damon Wood, Patrick Sites and their friend Matthew Fritz. To talk to any of the actors, musicians, or filmmakers, please contact Carly Shields at 203-246-6860 or [email protected].