WhiteWater Ramble Releases New Video, "Kentucky Windage"

Article Contributed by Blooming Footprint | Published on Friday, February 8, 2019

Today, February 8th, Colorado’s WhiteWater Ramble released their third new single and video in the last 3 months, the second in a series that culminates in a cinematic commentary on gun control. The single, “Kentucky Windage,” is available on all streaming platforms as well as premiering on YouTube.

“Kentucky Windage” is the second single, following “Hollow” which was released in December of 2018, that addresses the issue of gun violence prevailing in conversations today. It begins to tell the story that concludes with “Hollow” and more blatantly puts the issue in everyday situations. The video is comprised of three different story lines; three different but very regular situations where a gun is involved that the lay person would never be aware of; three seemingly “normal” characters, a child even, who one would never suspect would be involved in gun violence. The cinematic tale leads all these characters to certain unfortunate circumstances only, but tragically, implied in “Kentucky Windage,” and leaves viewers right on the edge of what’s to come with the final installment.

“I wrote Kentucky Windage in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting while trying to wrap my own thoughts around yet another terrible gun tragedy,” says writer and WWR founder Patrick Sites. “I had recently watched a documentary about the most prolific snipers in US military history and some of the stories and terminology had just really stuck with me but were then completely thrust to the front of my brain during all the news coverage of the shooting.  Kentucky Windage was one of these terms that stuck, which is a reference used by frontier marksmen during the time of Davy Crockett. The concept is you can “feel” the wind from the shooting position and “see” the wind thru the sights that is near the target but you can’t see any potential wind between yourself and the target. This undetectable wind is Kentucky Windage.”

Working with the talented filmmakers at NoCoast Artists, creative collaborations with Tomas Herrera and Doug Usher, Sites was able to conceive and complete the vision of the true meaning of the song and social message behind its creation.  In addition to the song and video standing on its own, “Kentucky Windage” ties into the overarching tale, called “The Band Widow’s Lament,” which is the 3-part cinematic tale including of the previously released “Hollow,” “Kentucky Windage,” and the upcoming final chapter, “It Don’t Matter.”  With the addition of the trailer for Kentucky Windage, the story will be told in full in reverse order for effect by the end of March. It also concludes this series of videos and releases, however there are many more singles to be released from this recently revived band.

“Kentucky Windage” will be available on all streaming platforms and premiered on YouTube at 10 am on Friday, February 8th.