why 2021 was Cory Henry's 'best' year yet

Article Contributed by Shore Fire Media | Published on Monday, December 27, 2021

Brooklyn-born, Los Angeles-based keyboard master, soul singer, composer, and producer Cory Henry is amidst a career breakout. While the world hit pause at the quarter-way mark of 2020, Henry, who was scheduled to be on a world tour with Lenny Kravitz, turned inward, reflecting on moments in his own life and voicing them within his music. He culminated his thoughts and energy into his sophomore album, Something to Say. Almost a year later, he returned to the spotlight with Best of Me, a largely instrumental album that highlights his adeptness playing the Hammond B3 organ, Moog and Harpejji--a rare electric stringed instrument. Alongside these releases, Henry remains passionate about songwriting and producing for others, lending his skills to dozens of artists. Cory can be heard playing emotional soundscapes on Frank Ocean's new music, premiered over the weekend via Blonded Radio: https://music.apple.com/us/station/blonded-xmas/ra.1490633668
This year Henry received four 2022 Grammy nominations: his solo album Something to Say is nominated in the Best Progressive R&B Album category, he's nominated as a co-producer/writer on Kanye West's Donda in both Album of The Year and Best Rap Album categories, and he's nominated as co-producer/writer on Eric Bellinger's New Light (also in the Best Progressive R&B Album category).
Henry recently sat down with SPIN to chat about his career, his latest Grammy nominations and Best Of Me. Read the full interview here: https://www.spin.com/2021/12/cory-henry-best-of-me-interview
Henry discusses these topics with SPIN:
*His top highlights of the year, from Grammy nominations to working on Donda with Kanye West to headlining a five-night run at Blue Note New York.

*His journey to get these new GRAMMY nominations. "I moved to L.A. and uprooted my life, so seeing this body of work get nominated truly feels like the journey is worth it."

*The impact GRAMMY nominations have on his life. "Being Grammy-nominated signifies a turning point in my life from the standpoint of me getting to play music I enjoy to play and create."

*What it was like performing at Harlem's famed Apollo Theater when he was only six years old.

*The emotional depth behind his self-proclaimed "future soul" sound and how 60s and 70s soul musicians influenced it. Cory explains, "I want to make music that makes people feel like how I feel when I listen to my favorite artists. The first time I heard Stevie Wonder as a kid I cried."

*The meaning behind Best of Me. "I came up with the title Best of Me because I wanted to give the best of myself as a time capsule," he explains. "I thought, what's the best thing I can do at this time, and every time I look back at it I'll be thinking it was the best of me in 2021."
Listen to Something to Say Here: https://ingroov.es/somethingtosay
Listen to Best of Me Here: https://ingroov.es/best-of-me-imco3