Woody Guthrie meets Jason Isbell in Charles Ellsworth's new Americana ballad 'Blessed'

Article Contributed by The Plain Engl… | Published on Saturday, October 3, 2020

The new politically-charged ballad from Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Charles Ellsworth will have you singing your way to the ballot (or mail) box this election.

In “Blessed,” Ellsworth explores the many injustices faced by the modern American. Reminiscent of anti-fascist folk favorite, Woody Guthrie, Ellsworth poignantly addresses topics ranging from wealth inequality and systemic oppression, to climate change.

Produced by famed Hop Along guitarist, Joe Reinhart, at his Headroom Studios in Philadelphia -- the song pulls inspiration from the folk songs of legend to create a new call-to-action in an old, familiar style.

The haunting steel guitar and deliberate drum beat add to the melancholic nature of the tune, as Ellsworth’s lyrics reckon with the struggle to unlearn the toxic traits we’ve inherited. Despite lamenting the many issues we face, “Blessed” still ends with call for unification and message of hope:

Can something come save this land of the free?

A timeless idea to unite you and me?

Find the power in love, and strength in our numbers.

Not prey upon the weak, or demonize the other.

“Blessed” will be released to all major streaming platforms Oct 9, as well as included on Ellsworth’s forthcoming album, which is anticipated for release in early February, 2021.