Yamn Summer Tour Kicks off this Week

Article Contributed by Yamn | Published on Monday, June 8, 2015

Yamn, a rock infused electronica quartet from Denver, CO whose roots began in Breckenridge, CO in 2007, known for their lively powerhouse rock concerts will be kicking off their 2015 summer tour in Breckenridge on Thursday, June 11, 2015. The band’s last two performances in Breckenridge have sold out. The last Gold Pan performance, in December 2014, sold out in advance.  The summer tour will see the band cross the country heading east making stops in Evansville, IN, Chicago, IL, Burlington, VT, Albany, NY, and Boston, MA. There will of course be a few festival stops along the way at Wildernesstival(Aspen Canyon Ranch – Parshall, CO), Sonic Bloom (Spanish Peak County, CO), Pardee Palooza(State Bridge – Bond, CO), and Shangri-La (Harmony Park, MN).  The bands hometown of Denver will be receiving a very rare, FREE, outdoor concert from Yamn on Saturday August 29th at The Big Wonderful located at 2500 Lawrence Street.

While each Yamn show will give fans exactly what they keep coming back for: lively beats, grooves that cause instant and contagious grins, heart-warming peaks and head-banging rock riffs; This is a band hungrier than ever to push the limits of their progressive electro rock with fresh set lists, inspired improvisation, and the perfected covers they’re known for.  Fans can expect the unexpected, many unreleased new material and of course a handful of material from their most recent album, Unity of Opposites, released one year ago.

The 14 song, double-disc album covers Yamn's musical versatility. Touching on both straight up Rock n' Roll and Live Electronica, their music creates an original fusion of dance music and head banging. Recorded throughout 2013 at Scanhope Sound in Morrision, CO, the album consists of songs from Yamn's past live repertoire and many songs written specifically for this album. These newer songs were tested on stage in a live setting and then fine-tuned in the studio.

“The Unity of Opposites was first suggested by Heraclitus (ca. 535-475 BC), a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher. It defines a situation in which the existence or identity of a thing (or situation) depends on the co-existence of at least two conditions which are opposite to each other, yet dependent on each other and presupposing each other, within a field of tension. For example 'upward' cannot exist unless there is a 'downward', they are opposites but they co-substantiate one another, their unity is that either one exists because the opposite is necessary for the existence of the other, one manifests immediately with the other” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unity_of_opposites).

Yamn chose this philosophical concept as the name of their album because their music unifies two genres most consider to be opposite of one another: hard rock and electronic music. It is this idea that led to the band creating a double disc album with one disc leaning on electronica and the other disc leaning on rock. The album makes the point that by combing the two “opposites” genres, a band can create a fusion of sound that is both original and enjoyable to the human ear. Unity of Opposites has accomplished this goal!

Due to music’s accessibility via free streaming web sites and file sharing, releasing music independently can be difficult. Without great resources like those of music labels, it can be hard for people to hear a band’s new music due to this saturation. Yamn hopes this is not the case for them; therefore, listeners and seekers of new music can download the album via yamn.bandcamp.com and choose to pay any price. They can even download it for FREE!! Listeners can also stream Unity of Opposites on Spotify, Rhapsody, and Pandora as well as download the album via iTunes and CD Baby. Hard copies are only available at live Yamn performances, but will soon be available via CDbaby.com.

The band encourages sharing their music with friends and family; their number one goal is to spread their music to all those who love to feel, think and move through music.

For more information about the band and all performances, visit: www.yamnit.com.

Social media links: www.facebook.com/yamnit, www.twitter.com/yamn, www.instagram.com/instayamn, www.youtube.com/yamnmusic


Thursday – June 11 – Gold Pan Saloon – Breckenridge, CO

Friday – June 12 – Old Town Pub – Steamboat Springs, CO w/ The Mantras

Saturday – June 13 – Wildernesstival – Aspen Canyon Ranch – Parshall, CO

Friday – June 19 – Sonic Bloom  

Friday – July 10  – Lamasco – Evansville, IN

Saturday – July 11 – Martyrs’ – Chicago, IL

Wednesday – July 15 – Nectar’s – Burlington, VT

Friday – July 17 – Bell Stock – Albany, NY

Saturday – July 18 – The Church – Boston, MA

Thursday – August 6 – Pardee Palooza – State Bridge – Bond, CO

Saturday – August 29 – The Big Wonderful – 2500 Lawrence St. – Denver, CO - FREE

Saturday – September 12 – Shangri-La – Harmony Park, MN