Zach Russell’s Where The Flowers Meet The Dew Shows Off A Decade’s Worth Of Lessons Learned And Skills Honed By The East Tennessee Songwriter

Article Contributed by IVPR | Published on Friday, December 1, 2023

For seven years in Nashville, songwriter and recording artist Zach Russell studied how fellow writers and performers approached their craft, even spending a stint on the road as Tyler Childers’ merchandise manager. Getting a firsthand look at precisely what it takes to chase down greatness, Russell believed he could achieve it as well. Ultimately, taking a breather from Nashville and moving back to East Tennessee to be closer to family and nature brought clarity, lots of songs, and eventually got the ball rolling on what would become Russell’s debut full-length album, Where The Flowers Meet The Dew.

Out today via Thirty Tigers, Where The Flowers Meet The Dew finds Russell once again joining forces with up-and-coming producer Kyle Crownover (Adeem the Artist) for this ten-song effort that never takes its foot off the gas pedal. Dominant themes of wrestling with mortality, pondering reincarnation, and finding that ever-elusive feeling of contentment in this life weave gracefully through. The first half of the record is filled with traditional waltzes (“I Thought I Was the Trees”, “Take Me Back to Tennessee”), haunting electric folk (“What You Want Comes to You”), and 60’s R&B style (“Milk & Honey”) cuts. It's deep and mellow, and the lyrics are contemplative. It draws you in while not letting the listener get too comfortable.

Beginning with the rip-roaring lead single, “Born Again,” the back half of the record brings with it an altogether different vibe. Greasy, distorted guitar licks pepper the back half of Where the Flowers Meet the Dew. “Playing House” fully displays his creative dexterity, and would be right at home on a post-grunge rock radio station, circa 1998, sandwiched between Matchbox 20 and Third Eye Blind numbers. Later, on “Nothin’ to Haul”, he boldly calls out the posers and wannabes that fill the Nashville scene.

Fans can stream or purchase Where The Flowers Meet The Dew in its entirety right here. Tonight, Russell will take the stage at Pretentious Beer Co. in Knoxville, Tennessee, and his final performance of the year will take place at The Basement in Nashville on December 3rd. To purchase tickets or watch for future dates, please visit

Where The Flowers Meet The Dew Tracklist:

What You Want Comes To You

I Thought I Was The Trees

Milk & Honey

Take Me Back To Tennessee

Die To Myself

Born Again

Playing House

Back To Dirt

Nothin To Haul

What I Know Now

Catch Zach Russell on Tour:

Dec. 1 - Pretentious Beer Co. - Knoxville, TN

Dec. 3 - The Basement - Nashville, TN