Zappa Records Releases Frank Zappa's 'Understanding America' Via iTunes

Article Contributed by SRO | Published on Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The ZAPPA FAMILY TRUST is excited to announce a new 2-CD set released via iTunes and UNIVERSAL MUSIC ENTERPRISES Tuesday, October 30UNDERSTANDING AMERICA is one of only three compilation albums produced and titled by FZ himself.  (Ironically, MOTHERMANIA is another and is also on schedule for October 30.)  The project comprises by less than a quarter titles available in current release, other prior versions and many items including the title, “Porn Wars Deluxe,” a 25-minute work, unique to this Release.

A message from the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen (Frank Zappa’s proximate Laurel Canyon studio) proclaims:  “This work is about love, peace, justice and the American way. It’s about compassion and responsibility. It’s about ethics and honor. It’s about time and it is about money. And bogus pomp and circumstance. Predictions and politics. It is the low-down on high altitudes. Check out the menu for yourself and you will see that the main ingredients, each in their own persuasion and marinating well into the next century, have been carefully skewered and roasted to the peak of perfection by the Master chef, author of one of the all time great cook books, Understanding America. Oh, and finally, it is about Music. Put some in your cauldron and please, don’t forget to vote!”

“From the uniquely specialized repertoire of an artist who never failed to understand that he was working for a highly specialized audience, this is for you.” 

The track listing for UNDERSTANDING AMERICA is:


1.         Hungry Freaks, Daddy           
2.         Plastic People                           
3.         Mom & Dad                               
4.         It Can't Happen Here                             
5.         Who Are The Brain Police?                  
6.         Who Needs The Peace Corps?                          
7.         Brown Shoes Don't Make It                
8.         Concentration Moon                             
9.         Trouble Every Day                  
10.       You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here
11.       We're Turning Again                              
12.       Road Ladies                                
13.       What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are        
14.       Camarillo Brillo                         
15.       Find Her Finer                           
16.       Dinah-Moe Humm                 
17.       Disco Boy                    
18.       200 Years Old              


1.         I'm The Slime            
2.         Be In My Video                        
3.         I Don't Even Care    
4.         Can't Afford No Shoes          
5.         Heavenly Bank Account       
6.         Cocaine Decisions   
7.         Dumb All Over          
8.         Promiscuous              
9.         Thing-Fish Intro       
10.       The Central Scrutinizer         
11.       Porn Wars Deluxe   
12.       Tinseltown Rebellion             
13.       Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk