SAENTS Announce Self-Titled Debut Album

Article Contributed by Tell All Your … | Published on Saturday, October 21, 2017

Budding blues-rock outfit SAENTS has shared “Blood” exclusively with New Noise Magazine. The track announces the Los Angeles-via-Nashville duo’s self-titled debut EP available everywhere November 10TH. The EP can be pre-ordered on iTunes HERE.

Formed in 2017 by acclaimed guitarist/vocalist Rett Smith and drummer Daniel Sousa, SAENTS employs heavy, virtuosic grooves, blistering riffs and haunting vocals that have been featured in American Songwriter, NYLON, Gibson Guitars and NPR to name a few. 

Smith, an accomplished solo artist, launched SAENTS in hopes of unpacking sonic curiosities that are more untapped rather than new. “Blood” was penned during a challenging recovery process in the Caribbean and crafts a personified woman that stands for which we all chase regardless of form or function, and especially without regard to physical well being or sanity.

He shares, “‘Blood’ is very much a first person account of who I was up to that moment, a letter to myself, in ways that I've always felt but needed to hear myself say to truly acknowledge.” He adds, “The way the drums hit between the vocal lines really mimics the way life can hit us all. Especially while living the moments being described lyrically.  The manic way the guitar solo builds is very much a representation of how relationships and our extreme feelings can, at times, run out of control.”  

The singer-songwriter and prodigy of legendary producer Joe Nicolo (Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Fugees) enjoyed previous success with his debut EP Tularosa released in 2015 but embraces an unbridled and genuine style of writing, recording and producing that has always existed for the Texas native who now juggles two musical hubs as home bases, which adds to the act's dynamic creativity.

SAENTS is set to announce special release shows and appearances in Los Angeles, New York City and Nashville soon.