Clockwise On Fire

As they prepare to release their self-titled debut album next month, emerging Philadelphia-based outfit Clockwise On Fire has dropped their latest single “What Will You Forget” featuring Anthony Green of Circa Survive. The track hinges on a quirky circus-ready rhythm ripe for a Looney Tunes montage before an off-kilter guitar races alongside a cathartic vocal fit from Green, who penned the lyrics. PRESS HERE to listen.

Emerging Philadelphia-based outfit Clockwise On Fire has released their debut single “Dig,” the first taste of music off their independent self-titled debut album, due out October 22nd. “Dig” is about letting go of a love and allowing your ex-partner to move on, and perfectly introduces the duo’s sonic hybrid of psychedelic rock, progressive, funk, and alternative, which shapeshifts with each key change.

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