Gina Furtado

Those acquainted with The Gina Furtado Project already know something of its namesake’s fresh, deeply individualized approach to songwriting, but with the release of each one of her singles, Furtado proves anew her ability to use old forms in new ways — and the group’s latest release, “Made Up My Mind” is no exception.

After a steady stream of original songs by its namesake, the Mountain Home Music Company’s Gina Furtado Project takes a nifty side trip with an energetic version of a classic old-time-by-way-of-bluegrass instrumental, the “Kansas City Railroad Blues,” their first single produced by award-winning banjo player Kristin Scott Benson.

With two full albums of refreshingly original material already to her credit, singer-songwriter and banjoist Gina Furtado has quickly become one of the most powerfully individualistic artists working in the bluegrass vein today. Now, following the success of the whimsically lighthearted “Alley Cat,” The Gina Furtado Project is back with “Gone,” a new single that offers further evidence of her unique melodic, rhythmic and lyric sensibilities.

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