Jack Tempchin

Legendary songwriter, JACK TEMPCHIN, is set to release his 13th studio album, More of Less, via Blue Élan Records on June 14, 2024. Tempchin collaborates with producer Jeff Larson after connecting at an America concert last year.


Today, Jack Tempchin (known for co-writing with Glenn Frey) and San Diego-based band Mrs. Henry shared a new single, “Bob Dylan’s Whiskey,” their second single following “Waiting,” which marked their first collaboration.


As was previously announced, legendary songwriter JACK TEMPCHIN has been nominated to The Songwriters Hall of Fame with the official induction ceremony set to take place in June 2019.

Through the years, there are many songs that take us to another place, that fuel our creativity and lighten our hearts. Jack Tempchin, the multi-platinum songwriter for Glenn Frey and The Eagles, has written many of those hits. He is responsible for the lyrics that have become emblazoned not only within us as individuals, but in our culture as well. Jack wrote the songs we’ve all danced and sung along to; “Peaceful Easy Feeling”, “Slow Dancing”, “The One You Love” and who can forget, “You Belong To The City” from the Miami Vice TV soundtrack.

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