Nat Myers

Nat Myers has returned with "75-71" today, a blistering blues ode to the Korean-American artist's Kentucky upbringing. Namechecking the places that helped form him, from Rabbit Hash to Kenton Vale, "75-71" is the latest offering from Myers' upcoming debut album 'Yellow Peril' - produced by Dan Auerbach and out June 23 on Easy Eye Sound.


On his debut album, Yellow Peril, Nat Myers carries on the traditions of the blues while simultaneously shattering every stereotype that comes with them. A Korean-American poet raised on hardcore and hip-hop, Myers found his calling early in the hundred-year-old sounds of artists like Blind Lemon Jefferson and Charley Patton. Drawing from his heroes, he uses the blues to shine a light on the injustice he sees around him, and specifically the dark wave of Asian hate that accompanied the global pandemic.

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