Stevie Wonder

The 1970s were arguably Stevie Wonder's most prolific period. Albums like "Talking Book," "Innervisions," and "Songs in the Key of Life" were not only commercial successes but also critical masterpieces that addressed complex themes such as love, social injustice, and spiritual transcendence. His full control over production during these years allowed him to experiment and integrate a range of musical styles, from funk and soul to rock and reggae.
Ten Essential Stevie Wonder Tracks

Blind Boys of Alabama have returned today to unveil the closing track from their upcoming album Echoes Of The South, coming September 8 on Single Lock Records. A reimagining of Stevie Wonder’s “Heaven Help Us All” (originally penned by Ron Miller), the five-time GRAMMY-winners bring their iconic and unmistakable vocal stylings to this chart-topping classic from one of their multi-time collaborators.

Frampton Forgets the Words, the new studio album by The Peter Frampton Band, will be released April 23 via UMe.

On Election Day, Stevie Wonder released a strong message with the “The Universe is Watching Us – What Happens Next…” visual to provide light, positivity and hope for this critical Election.
Watch “The Universe is Watching Us – What Happens Next…”: HERE


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