We Dream Dawn and Taarka are slated to play The Caribou Room Friday April 14th 2017. Long time friends and collaborators, the bands are sure to offer an evening steeped in both deep musical kinship and new explorations. Colorado drummer Mark Levy (Phil Lesh and Friends, Circles Around the Sun, Bonfire Dub) along with Enion Pelta-Tiller (Taarka) will be augmenting the sonic breadth of WE DREAM DAWN and Taarka will have plenty of new musical morsels to share.

Capturing the variety and sizzle its name suggests, the new-acoustic “supergroup” Taarka (Flagstaff Live) delivers deep yet adventurous Americana in its seventh album, Fading Mystery (March 10). An all-original collection of songs, Fading Mystery hints at the band’s many influences – folk, swing, bluegrass, Gypsy-Jazz, and Celtic – while clearly communicating its own unique sound.

Recently featured on the PBS special, “Bluegrass Underground,” the spirited Americana string band Taarka conveys an embraceable sound derived from a wide range of influences – bluegrass, pop rock, folk, old-time, Gypsy-Jazz and Celtic. The band’s latest album, Making Tracks Home (March 2015), is dubbed “rich … with satisfying depths” by Americana-UK and features the group’s popular anthem, “Heart and Soul.”

Taarka is a little (although sometimes bigger) indie folk / gypsy-jazz / bluegrass band from Lyons, Colorado. And if you lived here through the tragic floods of 2013, you know that the town of Lyons was ravaged by the unrelenting waters. It has been a long road to rebuild, and David Tiller and Enion Pelta-Tiller, the leads in this 5-piece string band, lost their home in the devastation. So, fittingly, Taarka’s most recent album, released on March 24th, is titled Making Tracks Home.

The title of Taarka’s 2013 album, Adventures in Vagabondia, wound up being a little too autobiographical when David Tiller and Enion Pelta-Tiller, the couple forming the band’s core, lost their home in Colorado’s devastating floods that fall. Which might be why they went with Making Tracks Home for their March 24, 2015 release. After an experience like that, home becomes even more special — though they’re also making tracks to many other places on their upcoming tour.

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