Tue, 12/19/2017 - 7:31 pm

Everett Bradley has re-released—re-booted, if you will—his classic 2010 album, with six new tracks. Blending the influences of P-Funk, Sly Stone and other 1970’s and ’80’s funk and soul bands, Holidelic explores the holidays, modern culture and mild family dysfunction in a playful, loving, humorous record that is hardly traditional but a whole lot of fun. This is holiday spirit like you’ve never heard before: Holidelic will get you out of the Andy Williams rut and liberate your Nutcracker. Celebrating uniqueness and diversity with the power of the groove as the common denominator, Holidelic’s fresh, wide-eyed look at the holiday season was conceived of as a celebration of the true holiday spirit of joy and giving. As the standard holiday music has passed from one generation to the next like a stale fruitcake, it has lost a lot of relevance for many… and as the ubiquitous, canned holiday music oozes from nearly every storefront from late November’s Black Friday celebration of commercialism 'til Christmas Day, it is harder and harder to get folks enthusiastic for yet another round of Jingle Bells and White Christmas. People want to celebrate! People want holiday cheer! People want to shake their booties! Holidelic is the guaranteed antidote to the sameness of old school holiday sounds: this is holiday music for all races, creeds and lifestyles… even for all ages with a little parental guidance...

Written, produced and directed by Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, producer, actor and dancer Everett Bradley (aka Papadelic), Holidelic debuted in 2002 at New York’s prestigious Joe’s Pub—part of New York’s Public Theater and Shakespeare Festival—that featured special guests ranging from Living Colour’s Vernon Reid, The B-52’s Fred Schneider, SNL’s Shawn Pelton and hip hop artist John Forte to pop chanteuse Lucy Woodward, dancing trombonist Jonathan Arons and the legendary Celeste Holm.

Tour dates
December 20 – New York, NY – Highline Ballroom
December 22 & 23 – Hudson, NY – Club Helsinki