BEATLES REIMAGINED: "All My Loving" Video Premiere

With contributions from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and nine U.S. indie artists from diverse genres, BEATLES REIMAGINED honors the greatest modern songwriters of all time while infusing their music with a 21st century twist. The  BEATLES REIMAGINED album--released October 1 on Community Projects--is timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the recording and release of the Beatles songs from 1963-4 including “From Me To You,” “She Loves You,”  “All My Loving” and “I Saw Her Standing There” which cemented the band’s status as rock and roll royalty. The album, which ranges from indie, rock, Americana and folk to electronic and everything in between, is garnering positive reviews from critics and fans alike for its inspired sound which is both foreign and familiar.

Today (Wednesday, November 13), Under The Radar magazine has premiered the new video for “All My Loving”--the lead song on BEATLES REIMAGINED performed by The Well Pennies. USA TODAY has praised the upbeat track: “Boston folk-pop duo [The Well Pennies] tweaks a familiar melody, adds strings, for a new Beatles Reimagined set, with delightful results.” (10/1/13) Watch the video here:

“The Beatles are so iconic and loved by the world that it seemed like a risky move to re-imagine the well-known melodies and lyrics of their music,” explains Bryan Vanderpool of The Well Pennies. “Even then we couldn't pass on this chance to honor their legacy and the influence they've had on us and so many other artists."

The Beatles themselves were influenced by American artists such as Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Elvis Presley, and BEATLES REIMAGINED returns their music to the heartland that inspired them: the United States. On BEATLES REIMAGINED, hotly tipped U.S. indie artists re-envision the songs on their own terms: alternative folk (Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros), acoustic folk (The Well Pennies), indie-rock (Mobley), indie-pop (Jhameel), new-rock (Badwolf), new-wave (Adventure Galley) and electro-dance-pop (Night Panther) through downtempo/lo fi (Feverbody), old school soul (Doom & Gloom) and retro-pop (Leftover Cuties). 100% of the label’s net album sales from BEATLES REIMAGINED album will be donated to the Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles (

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