Billy Iuso And Restless Natives


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Cool article, killer band...worth checkin' out, more than once...can't wait to get back down to N'awlins

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Biased as I may be, it has always been most gratifying to listen to my son's music and be moved by it. I can honestly say that despite the obvious family pride, if exposed to this music randomly it would still move me and thank you for hopefully promoting random exposure to a talented artist! THE GRATEFUL DAD

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Hey this is a great band, but the actual name is Billy Iuso and Restless Natives! Thanks for featuring them!!! Forever Grateful, HH

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I've seen Billy in NY, CT, GA, and of course, New Orleans. His shows are always a blast. He brings an energy to his playing and singing that is genuine and moving. If you hear that he's playing, definitely check him out.