Billy Jeter to release 'SongDog Blues' Jan. 12th


Submitted by -Billy Jeter Tue, 01/02/2018 - 3:34 pm

In Songdog Blues, Billy Jeter delivers a gospel chorus of southern planters, field hands, urban drifters, environmentalists, lovers and dreamers, all wrapped up in the driving heartbeat of a blues rocker. This is a music that celebrates its place, rooted in the lives of the people who live there. Colorado mountains and Ozark rivers are the landscape for songs of passion and human travail, story songs that urge listeners to look at a world filled with natural beauty and recognize how people - their desires, fears, and passions - shape the landscape. Jeter's songs, his haunting melodies and evocative lyrics, will stir listeners' senses. In Song Dog Blues, Jeter and the choir sings on!

Billy Jeter is a third-generation Arkansan with deep roots in the Arkansa Delta. The Jeters have been working on the land and the family farm since 1910. Another branch of the family comes from the Ozark Mountains in west central Arkansas, adding to the creative mix of painters, writers, and folk musicians that populate the Jeter lineage.

A son of the Delta, Billy Jeter's music has been shaped by the folk rock and storytelling melodies of the 1960s and 70s. Listeners will recognize the influencers of storytelling skills of Robbie Robertson and Bob Dylan, the social conscientiousness of John Lennon, the guitar work of Bob Weir, the folk music of Dr. Ralph Stanley and Gillian Welch. Listen, as well, for the blues licks reminiscent of Big Bill Broonzy (who lived near the Jeter farm) and Lighting Hopkins.

Jeter sings about all sides of his family heritage - flatlands and mountains, urban streets and pristine wilderness. He is an avid environmentalist and advocate for the land, and he has performed at numerous clubs, cafes, and house concerts in Arkansas, Colorado and Montana. His music can be purchased at all popular music outlets.

Previous album: Billy Jeter, Parkstone and Friends: Minstrels, Misfits & Melodiies. 2016