Burlington's Barika Launches Kickstarter Campaign For New Album


Submitted by -Barika Fri, 02/08/2013 - 11:43 am

Burlington, Vt. based band Barika (pronounced body-kah), a seven-piece, blending traditional West African styles of Mali with future-shock contemporary Western Polyrhythmic Ethereal Dub-Scape, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their new album, "Rise", their sophomore release following last year's debut album, "Remember".The seven-piece ensemble features Craig Myers (Kamel N'goni, Percussion; Rubblebucket, Mike Gordon), Caleb Bronz (Drums; Gordon Stone Band), Rob Morse (Bass; Vorzca Trio, Anais Mitchell, Hadestown), Andric Severence (Keyboards; Afinque),  and a powerhouse of horns with Adam Dodson (Trombone; Rubblebucket), Dave Purcell (Trumpet; Kat Wright & the Indomitable Soul Band), and Deva Racusin (Tenor Sax; Afinque).Barika has been working on the new album for the last year, with ever evolving sounds since their first. Barika is finishing the record at the Signal Kitchen recording studio in Burlington, VT with Dave DeCristo and Alex Lalli. This campaign will help Barika fund the rest of the recording process, mixing, and mastering. The band's goal is to have the album out in early May, followed by touring in the late Spring, Summer and Fall.You can help fund the project here.Band leader Craig Myers founded Barika in 2010 after his third trip to West Africa where he studied Kamel N'Goni in Bamako and traveled to the village of Kolflore, studying the Donso N'Goni (original or Hunter's harp).Myers has played percussion with Rubblebucket for the past five years and with Phish's Mike Gordon for the past four. He has dedicated the last decade of his life to studying traditional West African percussion all throughout the United States as well as West Africa.