Collin Herring's CD Release Party | 'Ocho'

It’s time to grab a beer and browse the CD racks at Waterloo Records which hosted Collin Herring’s newest album release “Ocho” this Tuesday, November 17th.  The Fort Worth native has made his way back down to Austin with a slate full of shows around Texas.

Collin Herring’s fourth album, “Ocho” comes on the heels of his other albums "Avoiding The Circus" (2002), "The Other Side Of Kindness" (2005) and "Past Life Crashing" (2008).

“Ocho” is a softer album and as Herring hung outside for a smoke break with some fans, he said that he was excited to play some quieter stuff.  Self-described as folky-rock-and-roll, Herring’s sound is hard to box in a single genre.  With his father beside him strumming the steel guitar and telling some father-son funnies, there is a definite old country twang that makes you think of your grandpa’s honky-tonk music.  The energetic drums and cooling bass wraps the sound into a whole different package.

Backing up Herring on this album are some familiar names like:  Will Johnson (backup vocals, guitar) of the Centro-Matics, Monahans members Roberto Sanchez (percussion) and Britton Beisenherz (bass), and Keith Hanna (bass).   Ben Roi Herring strumming the good-ole twang is, as mentioned, Collin Herring’s talented father.

Collin Herring’s voice is very lovely and at times reminiscent of Michael Stipe in his earlier days.  “Ocho” is a toe-tapping, cool album with relaxing and thoughtful songs.  A rock-and-roll beat to dance to would have made me feel complete, but the stripped-down sample tonight was a good way to chill out after work.  Herring’s music on “Ocho” sounds both familiar and safe.  If you are waiting to be gob-smacked, this is probably not it.  If you want a good chill-out album with some Texas twang, then this is pleasant choice.

Catch Collin Herring and his merry men at any of his upcoming Texas shows:

  • November 26, The Moon Bar, Fort Worth
  • November 28, The Ghost Room, Austin
  • December 12, Jake's Back Room, Lubbock
  • December 16, Mohawk, Austin
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